Babolat Boost A (AERO) Tennis Racquet Review – All You Need To Know

People play tennis largely for fun and for the satisfaction of improvement. Their racquet is as important to them as the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the cell phone they use, and the house they live in. Whether you’re a beginner hitter or dreaming of becoming the next tennis champion, buying a tennis racquet will make a big difference for your game. All tennis racquets aren’t created equally, and they all have their pros and cons. Here is a Babolat Boost A (Aero) review to make you understand what things do you need to look at when buying a racquet.

If you’re thinking of playing tennis frequently, in any capacity, the right racquet is an investment worth researching. A tennis racquet may look like a simple piece of kit but that’s far from true. The different technical aspects of a racquet can make a huge impact on your play.

Whether you’re buying your first racquet or upgrading from your current racquet, choosing the right racquet can seem daunting. This is why we are providing you with a detailed Babolat Boost Aero review. This article will definitely help you make a clear image in your mind about the things you are looking for in a racquet. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to make a purchase without having any kind of doubts in the back of your head.

Features of Babolat Boost Aero

Beginner to intermediate players who are in search of a good compromise between power, control and movement should definitely have this one by their side when you go to the court. As soon as you put this racquet in your hand, you will enjoy the large head size as it is very tolerant. It will prevent you from making errors when you do not hit the tennis ball directly in the center of the racquet head. It is the ideal frame for beginners and junior players moving up to their first full size frame. So, if you are someone who has just started taking interest in tennis, then this is the racquet to go for you. As it will definitely improve your game and boost your confidence.

Let us provide you with a little bit more details about the features of Babolat Boost A.

Light weight, Easy to Control

The Babolat Boost Aero tennis racquet is light weight and has quick acceleration. The racquet is very easy to swing and move, a great racquet to practice technical moves and improve your control. Speaking of weight, the racquet also has a great balance and it’s two points head heavy. While the head is just a little larger than regular racquets, it helps you not to miss a shot.

Great Vibration Dampening System

The Babolat Boost Aero tennis racquet uses a special vibration dampening system called Woofer grommet. It’s a system that allows 25% for more ball and string contact, as well as 10% more power to shots. Also, the grip is designed for maximum comfort, with anti slippage material.

Product features

  • The best of Babolat comes in completely affordable prices for all players which perfectly adapts to their performance
  • Light weight, easy to handle and excellent movement, boost A is perfect for recreational players who prefer playing for fun
  • The racquet is pre-strung
  • Graphite construction and oval frame are aimed at recreational players looking for a high performance racquet that is accessable and easy to use
  • Sturdy with more power
  • Adapted performance with full graphite construction and woofer system

Pros of Babolat Boost Aero

The Babolat Boost Aero is mostly filled with positive reviews. The buyers are extremely happy with the fact that it is light weight. This quality makes it easier for new players to enhance their game.

If you are a beginner, it is very important for you to choose a racquet that is light weight. Playing with heavy racquets just when you’re a beginner makes the game harder and you might give up. Moreover, this racquet has a great grip. When you get your Boost Strike in your hand you will immediately notice that it’s best for the players who like to attack. If you like to set the pace or attack by coming close to the net then this is the right racquet for you. Also, head size and tension gives the right balance of power and spin.

Essentially, players that enjoy playing from the base line should benefit the most from this racquet. Singles players and most doubles players will find this racquet game changing in their ground strokes and serves. All in all, this is a great racquet for beginners and intermediate players.

Cons of Babolat Boost Aero

The only thing that might be of concern in Babolat Boost A is that the strings are not made of as good quality as they should be. Due to this reason, the get loose and this may also affect the tension of the racquet. Also, due to the weak quality of the strings, there might be a chance of them to break down. So, if you’re looking for a professional tennis racquet, then this might not be the best choice for you. As the build of this racquet is mostly preferable for beginners and intermediate players. Other than these things, this is a great racquet to start your tennis practice with.


This is the best option for you to explore if you are new to tennis and want to sharpen your skills. The racquet has a large head and the majority of the weight sits in your hand giving you control and power. The construction of the frame puts you in control of your shots and provides you with maximum power and spin.

Therefore, this racquet is definitely recommended for you if you are just starting to learn tennis. Again, you will never find a better racquet for power and spin than this one. The only reason you shouldn’t choose this racquet is if you play only doubles, and serve and volley most of the time. Other than that, Babolat Boost Aero can be your go to racquet for your practice sessions.

FAQs about Babolat Boost A

Does this racquet come with a case?

Yes it does come with a case

I’ve been out of practice. Is this racquet the right choice for me?

Yes. In fact, it might be one of the best choices you have out there!

What does this racquet cost?

At the time we wrote this article, the price stands at $99. You can view the updated price here

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