Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet Review – All you need to know

If you are a tennis freak then choosing the perfect racquet must be as important to you as any other important decision of your life. It is true that a racquet can make or break your game. So, you have to consider all the factors before you make a choice. Babolat Pure Drive has proven to be the go to racquet for many tennis players. When purchasing or checking a new tennis racquet, there are a variety of factors that can be helpful to consider. They include weight, length, head size, frame stiffness, and materials. But with the wide range of brands out there, this simple task can become daunting very quickly. This is where we come to help because here you will be able to see everything in detail to make your decision easier.

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet
Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet

The 2021 Babolat Pure Drive is the ‘best of all worlds’. It is the perfect combination of power, speed, and spin. This 10 generation model has amazing balance. Moreover, it has beautiful cosmetics, making this high performance tennis racquet frame one of the most ever present player’s sticks around. Therefore, you see them everywhere and for very good reason.

In the hands of the new to advanced player, it has enough “plow through” on volleys, serves, and baseline shots. So when striking the ball off center, there’s still a predictable direction. Spin friendly string pattern, and 4 point head light balance lend themselves to competent baseliners looking for extra spin on their penetrating shots. This keeps their opponents pinned behind the baseline.

Babolat Pure Drive Features

  • Mirror Cosmetic
  • HTR System
  • SWX Pure Feel
  • The 2021 Pure Drive features an attractive new mirror cosmetic for one of the best selling tennis racquets in the world
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


The Babolat Pure Drive reviews are filled with good ones. People seem to love the grip of this racquet and the feel of it. The thing to notice here is that there is wider spacing between the strings. The wider string spacing boosts the power as well as spin potential. In addition, it is lightweight. It weighs 11.2 oz / 318 g (strung) and 10.6 oz / 300 g (unstrung). These features are absolutely great for your game. People think it might take you a little time to get used to it but once you do, it absolutely ups your game. All in all, this racquet gives an effortless experience which makes you feel powerful in the court.


The only downside of the Babolat Pure Drive might be that it comes unstrung. When people buy a racquet they usually expect it to be strung so that they don’t have to go through the trouble themselves. Otherwise, this is a great racquet and you definitely need to give it a try because it will not disappoint you!

Things You Should Know Before Buying Babolat Pure Drive

Tennis racquets don’t come in ‘one size fits all’. With the wide variety of racquets on the market and the potential of the wrong racquet negatively affecting your game, not to mention your wallet, it is important to understand the things that comprise the modern racquet.

Head Size

The head size is the measurement of the area within that frame that is used for hitting the ball. Beginners use oversize and super oversize racquets to help them generate more power and better response from the racquet. Experienced players and pro players go for midsize or mid-plus racquets since they have developed advanced skills and greater power and accuracy.

Grip Size

Tennis isn’t just about violently swinging your racquet toward your opponent’s end and getting a score. A good number of times, you’ll also be on the defensive to prevent your opponent from scoring and setting yourself up for a counter attack. Grip matters for you to have an effective defense and offense when playing.


The weight of your tennis racquet can help you find your balance of speed and power. Your arm is a good tester of your comfort level with the racquet weight. By carrying and doing practice swings with the racquet, you can determine if it’s the right weight for you. As your level of skill increases, you may choose to move to heavy racquets. 

These are the three main factors that you should always be aware of when choosing a racquet.


We know that making a choice can be difficult with all the varieties in the market but if you choose Babolat Pure Drive, you definitely are never going to regret your choice. It is an amazing quality racquet and will surely never disappoint you. By now, you already have a good idea of what to look for in a tennis racquet before you buy one. So, you are free to make your choice. Hope you make the right one!

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FAQs about Babolat Pure Drive 2021

Is Babolat Pure Drive Pre-strung?

No, it is not. However, depending on the seller, they usually string it before the products ships out

What type of string and tension do you suggest for ideal experience?

One good suggestion is to use Solinco Tour Bite and 55 lbs. of tension.

Is this racquet good for intermediate players?

Absolutely. This racquet is excellent for intermediate players.

Is there a return policy on this if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, as per the policy, you can return in within 30 days of arrival.