Interesting Facts about a Laptop Cooling Pad and it’s Working

In the previous article, we reviewed some of the best gaming laptop cooling pads. In this article, we explain how do they really work? Gaming Laptops are notorious for getting hot really quickly. Gaming for hours can increase your temperatures damage your laptop’s performance. There are many reasons that could make a laptop overheat. So, you might need a laptop cooling pad for it. Whatever the reasons might be, this heating up issue can really ruin your experience. It can even severely damage your laptop components. So, it is necessary to take some measures before you find yourself in an ugly situation. Cooling pads are actually made for this situation.

This guide will help you with finding out what actually a cooling pad is and how does it work.

What is a laptop cooling pad and how does it work?

What is a laptop cooling pad?

A cooling pad or laptop cooler is a hardware accessory beneath a laptop that reduces the laptops overall heat by dissipating the heat using fans. The hot air coming out from the laptop is pushed away. So, a cooling pad gathers all the heat from the laptop and pushes away which helps the laptop to ring down its temperature. A cooling pad has a lot of benefits. Number one is that it cools down your laptop and brings it to a temperature where you don’t have a risk to damage any of your laptop’s components. Number two is that when you place a cooling pad beneath your laptop, it becomes easy to use it even over your laps. Laptop coolers are intended to protect both the laptop from overheating and the user from suffering heat related discomfort.

So, now you know why you really need a cooling pad. Moreover, it is also an environmentally friendly device.

Types of laptop cooling pads

The laptop cooling pads come in a variety. So, while buying one, you can see and decide which one suits the best to your needs. the major types are:

Active laptop cooling pads

Active coolers use small fans to generate additional airflow around the body of the laptop. So, this helps to push the hot air away from the laptop. The cooling pads can be consisting of any number of fans usually starting from 1 to 6. Usually, the cooling pads get their power from laptops as it works when they connect to laptops from the USB ports through a wire.

Some active coolers draw heat from the bottom of the laptop, others work in the opposite way. Like by blowing cool air towards the machine. The fan speed is adjusts manually or automatically on certain models and on others stays at a fixed speed.

Passive laptop cooling pads

Typically the passive coolers allow the cooling of laptops without using any power. These cooling pads normally come with an organic salt compound that allows them to absorb the heat from the laptop.They work good for a limited amount of time from around 6 to 8 hours of cooling. The passive coolers are generally not suitable for the laptops that have their fan vents on the bottom. Because these cooling pads would block the vents and the laptop would end up getting even more heated up. So, the best way to find out if it is suitable or not is to simply look at the bottom of your laptop for any vents.

Multi surface laptop cooling pads

It is a type of passive cooler that allows both airflow between the laptop base and cooler. As well as, between the base of the cooler and the users’s lap. Moreover, these laptop coolers suit to laptops that have vents on its base. Because it prevents these vents from blocking regardless of what ever surface the laptop is used on. Therefore, these multi-surface coolers are suitable for use on desk, lap and uneven/soft surfaces (couch, bed, carpet) and outdoors.

Why do laptops overheat?

Why do laptops overheat?

There can be many reasons for a laptop to heat up for which you will need a laptop cooling pad. Some of them are mentioned below:

Dirty laptop vents

Your laptop might get heated if the vents of your laptop are not clean enough. This may cause the heat to stay trapped inside. Hence, It is not pushed out of the laptop completely causing the laptop to eventually heat up.

Positioning of your laptop

It is a very common problem that most of us do not place our laptops on a proper place which leads to overheating. A laptop needs a flat and a hard surface for proper air flow which a cooling pad provides, But we mostly are using the laptops in bed which stops the air flow.

Environmental temperatures

How do we expect our laptops not to heat up if we put them out in sunlight in hot summers. So, we need to take care of the the environment we are using our laptops in because that has a great affect on our laptop’s overheating problem.


One technological innovation directed towards laptop users are the cooling pads. They are flat surfaces that allow your laptop to breathe even when you are using them in bed, on your lap, or on top of pillows. On top of that, they have fans built-in, so they blow fresh air on the underside of your laptop, so they get fresh air to help control temperatures. Considering all these factors, you must invest in a laptop cooling pad!

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FAQs about laptop coolers

What is the price range for a good laptop cooling pad?

You can easily get one from 40-70 US dollars. However, there are several expensive ones too, designed for gaming laptops. So totally depends on your needs

Is there any particular one you suggest?

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