IETS GT300 Review – Best Double Blower Gaming Laptop Cooler

Laptop heating is the major issue with gamers. It can make one’s life miserable. While there are plenty of solutions to cool down a gaming laptop, the best option is using a cooling pad. Now there are plenty of cooling pads out there to choose from. Most of them aren’t that effective. So how to know which laptop cooler should you purchase for your gaming laptop? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with that. The best one in my opinion is the IETS GT300 gaming laptop cooler. You might be asking why? So, We’ll briefly review IETS GT300 in this article.

Why IETS GT300 Laptop Cooler?

Now the question is, what makes IETS GT300 unique? What are its features that distinguish it from other laptop coolers and make it worth spending your money on? This is because of its following features:

Double Blower

One of features that must be discussed in its review is that IETS GT300 uses double blowers to increase the air volume. But keep in mind that these double blowers should not be confused with fans. With its 4500 rpm, it provides large air volume which is very effective in keeping your gaming laptop cool.

Sealing Rubber Ring

Sealed with a flexible rubber ring, IETS GT300 is fitted closer to the laptop This helps to reduce air volume loss hence leading to an effective cooling process for your gaming laptop.

Effective Air Filtration in IETS GT300

This is my favorite feature of this laptop cooler which makes it unique to many others. It has two cotton air filters at the air inlet. What these do is that they filter the air for any dust particles. Since we all know that one major cause for gaming laptop heating can be dust accumulation inside the laptop which affects the heat dissipation. So, these air filters make sure that the insides of your laptop remain dust free.

Seven-color Lighting

One thing I like about IETS GT300 is that apart from being one of the most effective laptop coolers, its manufacturers didn’t compromise on the aesthetics either. This laptop cooler has seven colors of lights. Moreover, it comes with 4 light modes. In addition, if you are not the person that goes with this feature, it gives you an option to disable the lights all together.

Adjustable Bracket Height

Although not uncommon in other laptop coolers, this feature adds to the value of IETS GT300 gaming laptop cooler. Which means you don’t have to keep it on a flat surface all the time. This is because it has seven level of adjustments so you can adjust it at whatever angle you want to. It helps protect your spine and provides you with a good, comfortable experience. Whereas, other products might limit the way you use your laptop.

Third Gear Speed of IETS GT300

Another great feature of this laptop cooler is the adjustable speed of it’s double blowers. Depending upon your needs, you can set it to fast, medium or slow. If you are gaming, your laptop may produce large amounts of heat causing the laptop to heat up. So you might want to use it in the fastest third gear to produce the best cooling effect. But If you’re just doing office work, keep it at the lowest.

Technical Information

  • 1180 g in weight
  • Size: 400 x 348 x 50 mm
  • Compatible with 14 to 17 inch laptops
  • Blower speed: 4500 RPM
  • Interface:Dual USB
  • Line length: 1.8 m
  • Package contains a cooling pad, one 14-inch rubber ring, USB power cable, one 17-inch rubber ring

What do customers have to say about IETS GT300?

This product has over 100 sales with over 4.6 rating on Amazon.Moreover, majority of the users are satisfied with the product. Many of them say that they use it for their gaming laptops. Some of them came to use this after using some other gaming laptop cooler because it wasn’t as effective. They were quite satisfied with its performance. At the time we are writing this article, it has over 80 percent 5 star reviews. Whereas 10 % are 4 star reviews. The rest are about 10 percent combined.

There is a minority that are not satisfied with this product. Majority of them say is that it’s a little noisy on third gear when the cooler is set to it’s most powerful cooling mode. And that it is bigger than other gaming laptop coolers. But even out of this small minority of users, none of them complained that it didn’t work.


In my opinion, IETS GT300 is one of the most efficient gaming laptop coolers out there. In addition, it is nothing like your common laptop cooler. With its modern design and advanced technologies used, it makes sure to keep your laptop cool and dust free. In a nutshell, this is a product worth spending you money on.

Hope this review of IETS GT300 helped you. If you have any questions or feedback, please do let us know.

FAQs about IETS GT300

What is the replacement policy on this product?

You can return the product if you are not satisfied within 30 days. In addition, you will get a full refund.

Where can I buy IETS GT300 gaming laptop cooler?

You can buy it by clicking here

When should I not buy this product?

You should not buy IETS GT300 if your laptop size is not 14.3 inch to 17 inch. Moreover, make sure that your laptop has ventilation holes at the bottom. In case it doesn’t, IETS GT300 is not for you.

Is it good for intense gaming?

Yes, it is. The rubber ring we discussed above keeps the laptop close and cools it effectively. This is because it allows maximum airflow and makes it a good laptop cooler during gaming.

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