Interesting Techniques to Help Cool Down Your Laptop

Being a gaming freak, the thing that bothers you the most must be your gaming laptop getting heated up while you’re having fun. And if they stay hot for a long time, they might slow down or face serious damage. Even though, your gaming laptop might not show you any warnings but it still is better to take some precautionary measures to keep it cool and be on the safer side!

This guide is going to help you with some great inexpensive tips. So follow the tips mentioned below to avoid this situation and keep your gaming laptop cool.

Ways to keep your laptop cool

1. Keep your gaming laptop vents clean

Keep your gaming laptop vents clean

The first and foremost thing is to keep your laptop vents clean because the dust accumulates easily there. It can easily be done by using a dust remover spray. But make sure that your laptop is powered off when you are using a dust spray. Bring the can close to he grille and spray. Also, try spraying it from every angle possible so you get all the dirt out. This is the only way you can clean your laptop without opening it up.

2. Invest in a laptop cooling pad

cooling pad to keep your laptop cool
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When buying a laptop cooling pad, keep in mind that a laptop cooling pad with fans is better than the one that has vents. Because if you want stronger cooling effects then you should go for a pad with fans. It is an inexpensive as well as a simple way for overheating problems. It is quite simple to use it as you just have to place your laptop over the pad and connect it with one of your laptop’s USB ports and let it do its work!

3. Placement of your gaming laptop

How to keep your gaming laptop cool

If you are someone who likes to use their laptop in their bed or place it on a pillow then you’re doing it wrong. You need to find a hard and a flat surface for your laptop because it will help with the air flow. Putting your laptop on a soft surface stops the air flow which is one of the reasons your laptop overheats.

4. Give your gaming laptop some rest

More often than not, gaming laptops overheat due to multiple programs running. So, if you feel that your laptop is over heating even after taking other measures, give your laptop some rest and leave it for a few minutes. This will give your laptop some minutes to cool down and then restart your gaming laptop it probably will start working normally again.

5. Keep the environment cool

The environment you use your laptop in has a lot to do with over heating issue. If you put your laptop in direct heat, it will definitely get heated up. It occurs due to exposure to direct sunlight especially during summer. Overheating may cause battery damage as well. Therefore, you need to keep your laptop in a shade if you want don’t want it to get heated up. Similarly, too cold temperatures can also damage the components of your gaming laptop.

6. Changing the power settings

Power settings suitable for heating issues

According to many users, changing the power settings of their gaming laptop helped a lot with this over heating problem. So, keep in mind that this problem may occur because your laptop’s power setting are not quite right. If you adjust your power settings, you might be able to get rid of this problem. It is very simple and easy to change the power settings. Just follow these steps:

  • Press Windows Key + S and type power. Now select Power & sleep settings from the search results
  • In the right pane, go to the Related settings section and click Additional power settings
  • The Power Options window will now appear. Locate your currently selected power plan and click the Change plan settings
  • Now click on Change advanced power settings
  • Expand the Processor power management section and set the Maximum processor state to a lower value
  • After making these changes, click Apply and OK to save changes

Reasons why your gaming laptop might be over heating

Even though there are many choices in the market for laptops being specifically made for gaming purposes and should not have an over heating problem but still there are reports that laptops do get heated up. So, you should look out for some things which would lead to this problem.

  • The top reason might be temperature conditions around you. That’s why it is preferred not to bring laptops out in sunlight especially in summers.
  • Another reason could be your hardware failure. So, it is better if you get it repaired before it completely damages your laptop.
  • Or it could also be because of any viruses/spyware in your system causing high processor and disk usage. You can check that in your task manager. However, high disk and processor usage doesn’t necessarily mean your system has viruses.


The reasons mentioned above are not a big deal, every gaming freak goes through it atleast once in their life. Therefore, you should just keep checking for any signs and try to solve this problem as soon as possible because it can cause serious damages if not taken care in time.

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Could the overheating be due to accumulated dirt?

Yes it is an important contributing factor. What I like to do is to get my laptop serviced once every 6-8 months. The time totally depends on the environment it’s being used it.

Are laptop coolers worth it?

Yes definitely. Other than that, one good tip, buy the one with a adjustable stand. That way you can be lazy and easily use it in bed like me too! One of the important features other than just cooling it down. Haha