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We often go through this problem in our lives where our laptops start heating up. To prevent this overheating cooling pads come handy. Also, it is difficult to choose a gaming laptop cooling pad out of the wide range of variety we have. You might be confused about what kind of a cooling pad you should buy and what would suit you the best. Because cooling pads are now a need especially in summers because that is when your gaming laptops heat up the most and would need some extra air flow. When you want to boost your laptop’s top-end performance, there is nothing more important than cooling.

Therefore, we’ve made a list of the best gaming laptop cooling pad in town. So, you won’t have to go through the trouble of going through trouble to find one for yourself.

Top 10 Cooling Pads for your Laptop

Following is the list of gaming laptops cooling pads reviewed next

ProductEditor's ReviewPrice on Amazon
Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad
TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad
TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad
Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad
IETS GT300 Laptop Cooling Pad
MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad
Klim Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad
KEYNICE Laptop Cooling Pad
Nobebird Laptop Cooler
Pccooler Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

1. Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit HV-F2056 Gmaing Laptop Cooling Pad

First off, we have Havit gaming laptop cooling pad. This cooling pad is a slim and a light weight device. Barely over an inch of thickness and only 1.6 lbs of weight. The HAVIT 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler is ultra-portable and protects your investment wherever you go. Moreover, it provides you comfort that is due to its adjustable height setting feature. Therefore, HAVIT laptop cooler provides you with the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing and tying. Furthermore, the large fans provide superior airflow. Laptop cooler provides a strong air flow allowing you to work all day without making any noise and interrupting your flow.

Product features

  • Slim and light weight
  • Ultra portable
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Multi-directional metal mesh
  • Ultra quiet fans
  • Extra USB ports

According to the users, this cooling pad is quiet, well built and sturdy which means it provides everything it describes above. So, if you are looking to buy a good quality product here then Havit is one of them. Some of the users say that it is extremely helpful for long gaming sessions as well. However, some of the users complaint about its durability as it did not last as long as expected.

2. TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

TopMate comes with 5 height adjustments. Moreover, these adjustments allow you to raise your viewing and typing experience. You can also adjust the angles according to your needs. TopMate laptop cooling pad has 5 quite fans create a noise-free & interference-free environment for you. Furthermore, built-in 2 USB ports allows for connecting more USB devices. Moreover, the material of laptop cooling pad is plastic and metal mesh, which is light and durable. Its light weight design allows you to take it anywhere with you. It is one of the best choices for you and would give satisfying results!

Product features

  • It consists of 5 fans
  • Unique design, adjustable tilting
  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Blue LED lights
  • LCD screen and button control panel

This device is a 4 starred which means it provides quite good service. The users are happy with this product as it provides great experience. Therefore, it has great value for money. The buyers are extremely happy with the quite fans because who wants a constant noise around you when you are working or doing something. However, some of the buyers might be a little disappointed with the its plastic material which results in a poor quality USB slot. All in all, if you are someone who is not much bothered about the plastic material then you can surely buy this one. You will have a good experience for sure!

3. TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad

TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad

Next up we have TECKNET laptop cooling pad which allows you to use your laptop whenever and wherever you want. This cooling pad ensures a noise free comfortable environment. Moreover, it consists whisper quiet fan that won’t interfere with your music, movies or games. Also, the people around you won’t be disturbed with the noise. Furthermore, an anti-skid metal mesh base provides extra stability. Therefore, you can set up your laptop in almost every angle with this cooling pad. Furthermore, it also has a base grip that doesn’t let the laptop slip from the surface. This laptop cooling pad is designed to create superb comfort for all laptop users. It supports a variety of laptop sizes up to 16”.

Product features

  • Metal mesh surface provides excellent airflow
  • 2 USB slots
  • Slim and light weight
  • Portable
  • Led indicator at the rear
  • Quiet and ergonomic comfort
  • Support various laptop sizes from 12 to 16 inches

This product comes with some great reviews because it delivers what it says. The buyers say that it is well designed and very light weight. However, some buyers have a problem with the pad lighting up with but it still works great for its price. Moreover, some of the buyers say that it feel cheaply made but it does the job. When you are getting your job done then what is the problem? You should probably go for this one!

4. Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad

Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad

Pccooler comes with 4 high-speeds 85 mm fans with 1400 rpm and 1 powerful silent 110 mm fan. Therefore, it provides superior airflow and take away heat quickly and play the game more smoothly. Moreover, this cooling pad also provides fans with 10 red LED lights, show brilliant light effects when the fan blades are running. Therefore, provide a better gaming environment and experience for your laptop. It has a switch type adjustable speed design with power indicator, stepless speed regulation, can adjust fan speed.

Product features

  • Stainless steel honeycomb mesh design
  • Super heat dissipation
  • Ultra quiet fans
  • 10 red cool LED lights
  • Stable structure
  • Dual USB interface

Most of the buyers are quite happy with the product and its functionality. They find it very useful because it dissipates the heat quite nicely. Moreover, it does not disturb you or others with the noise of fan. So, it is perfect even if you want to use it in the crowd. However, some of the buyers say that the top of this gaming laptop cooling pad was a bit slippery which ruins the gaming experience a bit! Otherwise, it is one of the best cooling pads that you can get.

5. IETS GT300 Laptop Cooling Pad

IETS GT300 Notebook Cooler

This laptop cooling pad is designed to create superior cooling. It is suitable for 14-17 inch laptops, the best choice for gaming laptop cooling. It comes with two air filters to prevent dust from building inside the laptop. The filter is easy to disassemble and clean. Moreover, it comes with very different colors of light including seven colors. The height of the stand can be adjusted to avoid damage to the spine. Dual USB interface, does not occupy the interface of the laptop. All in all, this laptop cooling pad provides everything you need that defines a good laptop cooling pad.

Product features

  • Effective air filtration
  • Third gear speed
  • Four light modes
  • Suitable for 14-17 inch laptops
  • Three kinds of wind speed adjustment

The buyers are completely blown away by its temperature adjustment. It really helps your laptop cool down in no time. Therefore, it is best for the gaming purpose because that is when the laptop heats up the most. It has a really good quality and it has good value for money. The only problem might be that its fans are not as quiet as you would want them to be. So, if you are okay with it, this cooling pad might be the one for you.

6. MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Now we have MeFree RGB cooling pad which comes with 15.6-21 inch professional gaming laptop cooler with 6 quiet fans and button control, pure metal panel portable cooler. The cooling pad with metal large mesh surface design to release airflow as much as possible, improve the cooling effect of laptop cooler. It also lets the laptop cooling stand to be more stable and reliable. This laptop cooler has the LED glaring colorful light with million RGB colors and seven light effect modes. The laptop cooling pad is compatible with large laptops from 15. 6 inch to 21 inch. Built with big non-slip baffles which effectively prevents laptop slipping off.

Product features

  • LCD visual interface design
  • Dual USB ports
  • 7 light effect modes
  • Metal surface
  • 6 core deep cooling
  • Strong compatibility

This is one of the high end laptop coolers because it consists of 6 fans for the cooling purpose. You can imagine how good the air flow would be with 6 fans. So, it is sure that this cooling pad will bring down your laptop’s temperature in no time. Also, the laptop stand is very solid which helps you use your laptop comfortably. The cons might include the loud fans and that you cannot turn the light off of the pad which might be a little annoying.

7. Klim Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Klim Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

The KLIM Ultimate is a tank built to last, designed for laptops up to 17″ to ensure that there would’t be any compatibility issue. It will support your laptop’s weight perfectly and can be carried around safely thanks to its robust design. The KLIM Ultimate can even resist shocks and falls thanks to its metal grid panel, built with the highest quality materials you can find at this cost. You will immediately understand its sturdiness once you have it in your hands! Its powerful and impressive 200 mm fan with a speed of 750 RPM will generate an airflow that will cool your laptop down in record time. The heat will never bother you anymore!

Product features

  • Built to last
  • 5 effects and 7 colors for you to customize
  • Compatible
  • 30 days return policy
  • Light weight
  • Less noise

This gaming laptop cooling pad comes with great rating. Which means that it provides what it advertises. People say that it is sturdy and effective. Moreover, it works amazingly for the gaming laptops and the lights give such a good experience. The fans don’t make any noise. So, it means that you can use this cooling laptop pad whenever and wherever you want. This laptop cooling pad is one of the best cooling pads. So, you need to try this one. Because if you don’t you are going to miss out on something really good.

8. KEYNICE Laptop Cooling Pad

KEYNICE Laptop Cooling Pad

This Laptop Cooling Pad is designed to keep your laptop temperatures low, even while using them at a high capacity. Therefore, it uses cooling fans to constantly blast cold air to the bottom of the computer and dissipate the emitting heat. Moreover, the 6 ultra quiet fans are designed to prevent your laptop from overheating while maintaining a low profile. Blue LED lights indicate that the cooling pad is working so that you may easily detect when the fans are on, especially at night. Furthermore, with the phone holder, you can also put your phone at the side.

Product features

  • 5 wind speed adjustable and 3 fan combination modes
  • 6 cooling fans
  • Foldable double brackets
  • Dual USB port
  • High quality metal mesh
  • Durable

This laptop cooling pad also works well and helps with cooling down your laptop a lot. It has great value for money. It has a very modern design and fans work very quietly. However, the problem is that the phone holder does not hold all phones. Other than this, This laptop cooling pad works really well. It is a quality product and very comfortable to use!

9. Nobebird Laptop Cooler

Nobebird Laptop Cooler

Nobebird comes with 5 ultra quiet fans, effectively prevent your laptop from overheating. Moreover,strong, durable but lightweight construction with metal mesh. Anti-skip baffle design prevents your laptop cooling pad from slipping off.
Furthermore, 7 level of adjustable height provide neck and shoulder protection with different angles. Adjustable fan speed controller two led/fan switches to control the 5 fans and LEDs simultaneously. You can select 2 fan working, 3 fans working, or all 5 working together.

Product features

  • Super cooling and quiet laptop cooling pad
  • 2 USB ports
  • Compatible with almost all 12”-17.3” laptops
  • Extremely comfortable for usage
  • 7 level of adjustable height
  • Portable

This laptop cooling pad has a good star rating because it is well built, lights up with cool red lights. Moreover, the buyers like this cooling pad because you can have control over the fans. So, this helps you use it according to the environment you’re in. If you feel that your laptop is over heated, you can use it with all of its fans and can even use just one of them, depends on your needs.

10. Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad

Pccooler Notebook Cooler

6 high-speeds 85 mm fans evenly cover the bottom of the laptop and provide superior airflow. Therefore, create a good environment and bring a true silent experience for gamers. Laptop cooler pad fans with 12 red LED lights, show brilliant light effects when the fan blades are running. The brighter the light is, the faster the speed will be. Provide a better gaming environment and experience for your laptop and yourself. Foldable double brackets, ergonomic and double angle design. With 30 degrees angles, provide comfortable viewing and typing angle for meeting daily usage.

Product features

  • Honeycomb mesh design
  • Portable
  • Ultra-narrow bezel design
  • Dual USB interface
  • Non-slip support
  • 6 ultra-quiet fans with 12 red LED light

The buyers are amazed by that fact that the fans are extremely quiet which really gives you an amazing experience whether you are working or gaming. However, some of the buyers are not happy with the fact that this pad feels cheaply made. But it does not let the laptop slip even a bit which makes the experience comfortable.


Now you have a list of the top 10 gaming laptop cooling pads. Now the choice is yours. You can go through this article and see which cooling pad suits you the most. Furthermore, things you should be looking for are that it provides you a comfortable experience and the fans work perfectly. If these two requirements are fulfilled then you are good to go!

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FAQs about Best Laptop Cooling Pads

What price range can I get a good laptop cooler in?

You can normally get a good laptop cooler in 40 to 70 USD range

Is it worth spending money on a laptop cooler?

It is definitely. While there are other ways present to help cool down your laptop, this is definitely an effective one.

What might be the causes of laptop heating up?

Several factors might cause heating of laptops. The environment the laptop is being used. Or whether the vents are block by dust or not. Malfunctioning fan may also be the cause of laptop heating up and eventually switching off.