15 Amazing Cat Accessories You Shouldn’t Miss Out on 2021

As a dedicated cat owner, you can never have enough cat accessories for your little loved ones! You want to be the best cat parent out there and spoil your little furry child with all those cute and sometimes expensive cat accessories. Therefore, these amazing cat accessories not only help you provide a better life for your cat, but also keeps them entertained and happy! Thus, we know all your cat’s needs and have created this list of cat accessories that every cat owner should have.

In a rush and don’t want to go through the whole article? Have a quick look at this list of cat accessories reviewed in this article:

ProductProduct NamePrice
must have cat accessories scratching postKitty City Premium Woven Sisal Carpet Scratching Post
cat accessories pet cavePet Cave / Tent Bed for Cats
cat accessories blanketFluffy Fleece Cat Blanket
cat accessories pet carrierTwo-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel
cat accessories pet carrierAirline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier
cat accessories pet strollerFour Wheel Pet Stroller
cat accessories cat collarCat Collar with Bell
cat accessories pet tags Pet ID Cat Tags
cat accessories cat cameraPet Camera for Cats
cat accessories wellMulti-Tier Cat Water Fountain
cat accessories cat feederAutomatic Cat Feeder
cat accessories nail grinderCat Nail Grinder
Cat accessories deshedding toolProfessional Deshedding Tool for Cats
cat accessories litter boxLitter Box for Cats
cat accessories litter scooperCat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel


Kitty City Premium Woven Sisal Carpet Scratching Collection

Cat Accessories Kitty Ciy Premium Woven Sisal Carpet Scratching collection

Firstly, from Kitty City, we have the cat post and cat mat which are purfect cat accessories for your little one! What better way to pamper your cat than giving them their own scratching post to sharpen their little ‘tools’. Because let’s be honest, having a cat means you can no longer have furniture without a few scratches here and there. But thanks to Kitty City’s premium woven scratching post, you don’t have to worry about your cat’s claw marks on your furniture ever again! Moreover, the scratcher post comes in neutral colors and is an economical way of protecting your valuable furnishing. These posts are ideal for supporting a cat’s desire of sharpening its claws and can withstand a cat’s attack so you don’t have to worry about it falling over. It also includes a jingle ball toy at the top to satisfy your cat’s playing needs!

Product features

  • Stable width as well as extra tall height designed for cats
  • With a fun toy at the top of the post
  • Easy assembly with 3 screws
  • Promotes healthy scratching habits
  • Protects your furniture from scratches
  • Blends easily with house decor

Another useful product to have is the scratching mat infused with catnip which is a great way to help your cats develop their sharp claws while they rest. In addition, the cats can even enjoy a little catnip fortune cookie toy included with the mat!

Pet Cave / Tent Bed for Cats – Best Cat Accessories

Pet Cave / Tent Bed for Cats

Another great cat accessory to own is a tent bed to give your cat the comfort it deserves! Crafted with a polyfoam lining, it molds into your cat’s favorite position every time so your cat can enjoy a soft bed. Moreover, it comes with a 2-in-1 functionality; the cave beds can be turned into a regular cat bed when their tops are pushed down so your cat can enjoy it in two ways. When your little furry friend is in need of some privacy, the bed helps to create a nice sense of security.

Product features

  • Crafted with polyfoam lining
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • Private and secure
  • Come in small, medium, large as well as extra large sizes
  • Designed in cat dome or cat bed shapes with different colors

The best part about these cat accessories is that they can be quickly assembled and disassembled for cleaning or during travel. Moreover, it can be machine washed without losing shape and comes with anti-skid base to keep them in place. Furthermore, they are also available in a wide range of sizes to comfortably fit your pet and come in neutral colors to go with your indoor decor.

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Cat Accessories Blanket

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece  Blanke

Thirdly on the list of cat accessories we have the comfy fleece blanket by Furrybaby which is designed in order to provide your cats with comfort and warmth! Therefore, the blanket is lightweight and helps prevent unwanted cat fur on your furniture and around the house. It is easily machine washable without shedding or fading in color so your cat can enjoy the softness even after many washes.

Product features

  • Lightweight design
  • Available in different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large
  • Made of environment friendly thick soft fleece
  • Machine washable
  • Protects furniture from scratching as well as pet hair
  • Comes in beige, grey and silver grey

Furthermore, the cat blanket comes in four different sizes for different uses around the couch, bed or for taking on drives. All in all, the other cat owners are satisfied by the blanket and their cats are in love with it too! So, this is a must have cat accessory if you want your little buddies to have a soft and comfortable sleep!

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

AmazonBasics Accessories Two-Door Top-Load Cat Kennel

While all cat accessories may not be your cat’s favorite but they sure will make your life easier having them around. The two-door pet kennel is a perfect cat accessory in order to own and taking your pet to those dreadful visits to the vet. While your pet may not enjoy being confined in a box, at least you can ease your mind off of your pet’s security and comfort . Moreover, the kennel is designed with 2 doors, one on top and one on the side for less stressful experience for your cat. It also provides great ventilation on all sides so your pet won’t have any difficulty in breathing.

Product features

  • 23 inch pet kennel with 2 door
  • Made of durable plastic as well as steel wire front door
  • Spring loaded latch in order to provide smooth opening
  • Ventilation on all sides
  • Provides strength, security and visibility
  • Secure construction

The pet kennel provides enough visibility so your pet may not really have a hard time while going on a trip or a car ride. Therefore, many users have written great reviews about the kennel because they believe that it is a good choice of kennel even for difficult cats.

Pet Peppy Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier

Cat  Pet Peppy Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier

Say goodbye to those horrible travelling days with your cat’s screaming and say hello to care-free travel experience with Pet Peppy’s pet carrier! If you’re a frequent traveler, this is a very handy cat accessory for you! Because the pet carrier is designed to ensure your pet is taken care of without any hassles and problems during your flight.

Product features

  • 2 sided expandable folding bays
  • Airline approved 17.9 x 6 x 2 inches in dimensions
  • Lightweight and easy in order to carry
  • Open air top, breathable mesh windows on top and sides
  • Zippered pocket in order to storing treats, food and toys
  • Padded shoulder strap as well as hand carry for ease
  • Safety seat belt attachments
  • Convenient luggage strap

The double side expandable carrier is equipped with two walls that zip open into a roomy extension. Moreover, this gives your cat more room to turn around, play or stretch to its heart’s content! The opening is made of a mesh lining so your pet can easily see your face keeping them calm and happy. Furthermore, the metal hooks and self lock zippers prevent breakage at the airport. In addition, the waterproof nylon material ensures is made to withstand everyday travel wear and tear. Therefore, the inside of the carrier comes with a removable faux fleece bedding to keep your cat comfortable throughout the journey.

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller – Must Have Cat accessories

Cat Accessories VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Travel with your cat in style with VIVO’s four wheel pet stroller! In case, if you thought strollers were just for human babies, think again! Because this pet stroller is one of the most useful cat accessories for your fur baby! It is specifically designed to provide a smooth ride to your pet. Whether you’re taking a stroll in the park or a walk around the block, the pet stroller fulfills all your requirements.

Product features

  • Large protective compartment
  • Weight capacity of upto 30 lbs
  • Easily foldable for simple storage
  • Mesh windows in order to provide visibility and ventilation to your pet
  • Dual cup holders and center tray
  • Spacious basket for additional storage
  • Comes in fun colors; black, blue, green, orange, pink and purple

If you have a hard time putting your cat in a stroller or a confined box, then worry no more! This pet stroller features a three zipper access point so it is easy to put your cat in and out without any problem. Moreover, the spacious interior is padded with foam bottom to provide sufficient comfort to your cat. The mesh windows provide a great view to your pet while letting you keep an eye on them and is fully breathable. If you like carrying your cat’s treats with you, then you’ll be glad to know that the stroller has a basket attached to it for additional storage.

Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

Cat Accessories Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

If your cat is one of the sneaky ones, then you should definitely ass this to your list of cat accessories to buy! Therefore, using a collar ensures that you never lose sight of your cat again. It also helps track down your cat if it accidentally runs away from home with the sound of the bell. Even if you have an indoor cat, it is better to be safe than sorry and get a collar as soon as possible.

Product features

  • Made of solid nylon, build to last
  • Breakaway collars, safe for your cat
  • Safe for indoors and outdoors alike
  • Looks stylish on the cat!
  • Comes with bells
  • Comes in a pack of 3 or 6 collars of different colors

If you get annoyed by the frequent sound of the bells jingling whenever your cat is near, then worry not! Bemix’s collars are designed in such a way as to reduce the sound of bells and only ring when your cat is running or moving very fast. Not only that but the reflective surface of the collars make it easier to spot your cat from far away or if they go out at night. So you don’t have to worry about losing your cat! All in all, the collars come in under $10 and is a very handy accessory to have!

GoTags Pet ID Cat Tags – Cat Accessories

Cat Accessories GoTags Pet ID Cat Tags

Another one from the must have cat accessories, comes the cat ID tags from GoTags. Some of you may know how awful it is to lose your cat even if its for a few hours. You can’t imagine what would happen to them since they don’t have any contact information on them so it won’t be any helpful if someone found them. Moreover, to put all your worries behind, GoTags has designed premium stainless steel pet tags specially for your pets. The tags are double sided with sufficient space to write all of your pet’s important information so that anyone who finds your cat, knows right away it they belongs!

Product features

  • Stainless steel tags
  • Provides great durability
  • Laser engraving which is permanent and clear
  • 2 sided engraving and upto 8 lines of personalized text
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes so you can choose the best one for your little friend!

The pet tag may be a bit pricey but it saves you the time and worry of looking after your pet. To summarize, most of the customers are satisfied with the product and its durability. But be careful and clear when providing the information that you want on the tag, as it may not be clear and you might end up with wrong info on your cat’s tag.

LEMFO Pet Camera for Cats

Cat Accessories LEMFO Pet Camera for Cats

If you’re someone who loves taking pictures of your cat, then you should definitely add this to your list of necessary cat accessories! Lemfo provides you a camera that is specifically designed to capture the cute moments of your furry friends without you having to try too hard! The camera features 350″ and 85″ omnidirectional monitoring, zoom in and zoom out feature so you can easily take shots of your cat at any time! The pet camera also provides night-vision and real time recording so you can take high quality photos of your pet even at night! It also ensures two-way taking through echo cancellation technology so you can stay connected with your pet even when they are not in the same room.

Product features

  • 1080P full HD video camera
  • Cute, compact design
  • High quality two-way audio
  • Smart night vision
  • Real-time recording
  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera in order to cover all the corners of your house
  • Noise-cancelling technology
  • No information leaks

You don’t have to worry about any of your information leaking with this pet camera The P2P tech ensures that all the data of your camera is not saved on any servers or forwarded by manufacturers so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Many users were more than happy with the picture and sound quality. Although some complained that it was slow when tilting the camera through the app but overall it’s a good purchase. Therefore, you wont have to worry about leaving your cat alone anymore!

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Accessories Water Fountain

Cat accessories PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Water Fountain

Keep your cats hydrated by giving them the multi-tier water fountain from PetSafe. Therefore, the fountain provides 100 oz. of fresh, filtered water to your cat with multiple areas to drink from. What make it ideal for senior cats is its elevated upper bowl. It also includes a small, free falling stream that aerates the water and an activated carbon filter that removes bad taste and odors, helping your pet stay happy and healthy.

Product features

  • Adequate water capacity for your pet
  • Encourages drinking
  • Filtered water
  • Two level bowls
  • Easy to clean
  • Low-voltage submersible pump in order to provide a quiet operation
  • Constant circulation helps prevent bacteria growth

If your cat likes to drink from the sink, then this is one of the cat accessories you don’t want to miss! Your cat will love drinking from the fountain and the falling water stream will surely catch its attention! So, you won’t have to worry about your cat drinking water from unhealthy places.

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder- Essential Cat Accessories

Cat Accessories Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder

If you’re someone who has to leave your cat home alone while you work, then this automatic cat feeder is the perfect machine for you! Never worry about not feeding your cat on time as the cat feeder comes with adjustable time and amount programmed so you can set your cat’s eating plan without having to be physically present to feed them. Therefore, you can schedule different meal times for your cat to help develop a good eating habit. The feeder is designed with an infrared sensor so when the bowl fills a certain amount, the machine automatically stops and prevents overflow.

Product features

  • Programmable time and amount
  • Infrared induction
  • Voice recorder
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Easy in order to clean and prevents overflow of food
  • 4 different meal times

Therefore, the cat feeder should be on top of your list of cat accessories to buy if you want to discipline your cat and its eating habits. The feeder also has a voice recorder which can be used to record your voice. So whenever its the cat’s feeding time, your voice would be played which would give them a sense of familiarity! Another good thing about this feeder is that the lid is not transparent so your cat won’t destroy the feeder in search of food!

Hertzko Electric Cat Nail Grinder Accessories by for Gentle and Painless Paws

Cat Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder by for Gentle and Painless Paws

Up next on the list of must have cat accessories is Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder. Pamper your little furball with a home-spa day with Hertzko’s electric pet nail grinder! Moreover, it provides painless paws grooming, trimming, shaping and smoothing for your cat without having to go to the vet. If you love to take extra care of your cat’s grooming needs, then this product should be on your list of cat accessories to buy! Therefore, Hertzko’s nail grinder is manufactured with diamond bit grinder which is safer and more effective for trimming nails. It also reduces the risk of clipping too short which could hurt your cat. The grinder is also designed with low noise and vibration so your cat has no fear when its in use.

Product features

  • Safe and effective nail trimmer
  • Includes 3 size ports; small, medium and large
  • Super mute settings
  • Simple to use and portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Rechargeable

If your cat gets stressed out by grooming and nail clipping, then this is the right product for you. Many owners have shared their experiences about their own cats that were afraid of trimmers but after purchasing this product, the cats got used to it in no time!

Pet Neat Professional Deshedding Tool for Cats

Pet Neat Professional Deshedding Tool for Cats

If you’re tired of your cat’s fur being everywhere around your house and your clothes, then this is the right solution for you! Moreover, the deshedding tool is one of the most useful cat accessories to own nowadays. Furthermore, it will make your pet’s grooming more efficient and effortless and you no longer have to worry about tangles and loose pet hair floating in the air!

Product features

  • Removes upto 95% of dead hair and tangles in 10 minutes
  • Made of durable material
  • Provides a healthier and shinier coat
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable head design
  • Stainless steel comb effectively reaches deep down to the undercoat
  • Environmentally friendly with an ergonomic handle
  • Fully refundable/replaceable

Your cat would thank you for choosing the deshedding tool to bless it with a shiny coat! It helps reduce tangles from your cat’s skin which can sometimes be the cause of their discomfort. Many owners have thanked Pet Neat for a shedding tool that actually does its job and removes dead hair even in a single stroke. You don’t want to miss out on this!

PetFusion’s BetterBox Litter Box – Cat Accessories

PetFusion's BetterBox Litter Box

A litter box is one of the most bought cat accessories out there. But investing in one that is actually good for your cat is up to you. That’s why we bring you PetFusion’s betterbox which is designed to make you and your cat’s life easier. The litter box is designed with an open top as recommended by vets to promote healthy usage. The high walls keep the litter inside and there is fewer chance of a mess outside.

Product features:

  • Vet recommended features
  • Better cleaning and hygiene
  • Smart design with ABS plastic
  • Spacious curves for easier scooping and cleaning
  • Large size for easy access

The litter box also contains a low entry which is suitable for older cats and also helps prevent any litter mess from leaping outside. While it may not be a budget friendly product, it is very useful if you’re trying to train your cat to use the litter. The product is feline approved as well.

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel- Cat Accessories

Cat Accessories IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

Since we talked about a litter box in the previous must-have cat accessories’ list, it is fairly reasonable to talk about a scooper now! Iprimio brings you a cat litter scooper that is perfect for picking up your cat’s litter without having to get your hands dirty. It comes in a non stick plated design with sifter forks which help in faster cleaning. The super deep shovel with reinforced front edge allows for extra large scoops so you don’t have to do it again and again!

Product features

  • Designed by cat lovers
  • Provides fast cleaning
  • Durable
  • Rounded design fits deep into litter box corners and edges easily
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Includes a hanger to hang the scooper when not in use

This is one of those cat accessories that you just have to buy! Approved by many happy cat owners, the scooper is perfect for cleaning up after your cat without any messes. Because we all know that a clean cat, is a happy cat!

The Basics

All you need to know about Cat Accessories

When we think of basic needs, we often think that this only includes food, shelter, and water. Though that is right to some extent, an animal needs more than that to live and not merely survive which are cat accessories. The pet needs mental stimulation (treats and toys), safety (identification plus right collar/harness), and of course, a bit of tidying up every now and then. Make sure that you have all the basics covered by checking off everything below.

Being a pet owner gives you a unique sense of purpose and connection with your animals. Everyone wants to pet smart when it comes to looking after their animal’s well-being and happiness but most can’t help worrying and wondering if they are doing the right things and buying the right cat accessories to keep their beloved pet healthy and happy.


Grooming is essential and yet it is often overlooked. You need cat accessories if you want to groom your cat and most importantly some appreciation treats!

Grooming sessions should be fun for the both of you, so be sure to schedule them when your cat’s relaxed, perhaps after exercise or eating. You want your pet to remember grooming sessions in a positive way, so you never want to risk losing your temper. If you’ve had a stressful day or are in a bad mood, it’s probably not a good time to groom your cat.

And keep in mind, a little patience can go a long way. If your cat is extremely stressed out, cut the session short and try again when she’s calmer.


Regular sessions with a brush or comb will help keep your pet’s hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout her coat, preventing tangles and keeping her skin clean and irritant-free. Brushing your cat decreases the occurrence of hairballs and prevents tangles.


If your cat’s coat becomes greasy and oily, or if she’s gotten into something sticky or smelly, she’ll benefit from a bath. Use a mild shampoo that’s safe to use on cats. It’s important not to force your cat to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Cats don’t enjoy baths, but many tolerate them well enough. Others, unfortunately, become extremely frightened and distressed. If your kitty flips out at bath time, just let him go to avoid injury to yourself and further stress to your cat.

Nail Clipping

Most people really don’t handle their cats’ feet until they are about to clip the nails. Some animals can get very upset at this totally foreign feeling. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your cat used to having her feet touched before you attempt a nail trim.

Why is Grooming Your Cat Important?

Why is Grooming Your Cat Important?

While most cat owners get their cat groomed to keep their cat looking their best, many overlook just how important proper grooming is. Grooming is an integral part of your cat’s health and well-being and even a short-coated cat can suffer from a lack of grooming.

Prevents Fleas and Ticks

Perhaps one of the main reasons to bathe your cat is to prevent flea and tick infestations. Although bathing alone is sometimes not enough to get rid of these nasty pests, it will help you spot them and will kill the ones on your cat. Once you know they’re there, you can remove them safely and take further action to eliminate the pests.

Eliminate Discomfort

Grooming eliminates discomfort in many ways. First, brushing is something that feels very good to most cats. With the right brush, your kitty will feel like they’re getting a nice massage while you remove dead hair. It also stimulates new growth and brings your cat’s natural oils to their skin. Further, it helps prevent matting on longer coats. If your cat’s coat does matt easily, removing those matts will help your kitty feel better.

Protect Feet

Nail trimming is probably one of the most overlooked parts of general cat care. But long nails aren’t just an eyesore, they are unhealthy and uncomfortable for your cat as well. Wild and feral cats usually wear their nails down regularly, but domestic cats often need extra help. They don’t use their claws as much as feral cats do. Overgrown nails can grow into your cats feet and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Nail trimming should definitely be included when grooming your cat.

Keep Ear Infections Away

Cats need their ears cleaned regularly, especially those prone to ear infections. This is more common in long-coated cats than others. Still, keeping the inside of your cat’s ears clean. Mostly from wax build up, fluid, dirt and debris. It will prevent ear infections, ear mites and other ailments. Plus, it’ll help your feline friend feel more comfortable.

To Keep Abnormalities in Check

One of the great benefits of grooming is that you or your regular groomer will become more familiar with the marks on your cat’s skin. You’ll soon be able to quickly feel any underlying lumps and bumps and spot any changes on your cat’s skin. Early detection is important for all diseases. So using regular grooming to help go over your cat’s body will improve your chances of finding anything abnormal early on.

Playing Opportunities for Your Cat

Playing Opportunities for Your Kitten

Cats are hunters and in the natural environment a cat would spend most of his wake time gathering food, that is hunting.

In the household, the food is provided on a silver plate and requires no exercise at all. So, your cat must carry out exercise in some other form and in most common cases, by playing that require cat accessories. Skipping this will result in behavior problems like waking owners at night, vocalizing, or destroying your house.

If you want to provide a full and active life to your cat, you should provide him different types of play. Most appreciated by your cat will be playing with his owner using toys that may be directed by you. Like fishing pole type one, a ball you can roll on a floor, or a simple stick from the bush.

Unfortunately, you can’t be around all the time so, toys you can hang in a doorway. Puzzle toys and even electronic ones may be helpful if you want your cat to receive an exercise daily.

Bottom line

Having a cat as a pet is a huge responsibility and is certainly not cheap. Having to fulfill all your little furbaby’s requirements and needs may seem challenging at first but with the purchase of the right cat accessories, you will be one of the happiest cat parents out there with the happiest cat babies!

Hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to leave your feedback. For other questions, feel free to contact us

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Should I go for an open or a closed litter box?

Never go for a closed litter box. Most cats won’t use it because it makes them feel trapped. Open litter box goes for most of them.

What litter do you suggest for cats?

We’ve had a good experience with Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter. Click here to check it out.

Is nail clipping stressful for cats?

No it isn’t. Just clip off the tip. I myself preferred not to clip them off. Because it makes harder for them to hold on to surfaces. But if your cat is aggressive, you might have no choice left.