The 15 Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats – Limited Time Products!

When it comes to pampering your cats, you want the best toys you can get them. While you may not always have the time to play with them. So, thanks to these best cat toys for indoor cats with which your little furry friend would be busy throughout the day and won’t feel lonely without you! Be it a dynamic cat and mouse chase, jumping after the laser dot or snatching up a bird, we have listed all the different cat toys for your furry friends to play and enjoy with!

Therefore, we have listed the best cat toys for indoor cats for your little loved ones which they would enjoy playing with even when they’re home alone.

Don’t have time to go through the whole article? No problem, as we list the top three picks from the cat toys for indoor cats right here!

Petronic's Mousr Interactive Robotic cat toyInteractive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats Playdot! Interactive Cat Toy
Petronics Mousr Interactive cat toyPuzzle feeder cats Entertaining cat toy Playdot
Product FeaturesProduct FeaturesProduct Features
- Automatic play/smartphone controlled

- 3 different automatic play strategies

- Custom high-quality gear box

- Highly durable

- Great for keeping your cat active and agile
- Interactive puzzle feeder for cats

- Encourages natural instincts

- Works with your cat’s favorite treats, catnip and toys

- Veterinarian recommended

- Ideal for lazy cats
- Sleek design and super light weight

- 4 different play modes

- Battery operated toy

- Preferable to put on flat surface

- Multiple angles to point the beam


FYNIGO Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats with a Running Mice and a Scratching Pad

FYINGO Cat Interactive Toys

What’s better than a classic cat and mouse chase? Firstly, with this interactive and entertaining cat toy, your indoor cat would not get enough of trying to catch the mouse! Secondly, it also comes with a scratching pad so your furry friend can sharpen its claws in order to hunt the mouse!

Product features:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Simulated mouse fur design
  • Built in scratching pad to sharpen claws
  • No battery required
  • Helps cats stay healthy and agile

So, you would never have to worry about your cat getting bored without you thanks to FYNIGO’s entertaining toys for your indoor cat! Moreover, this also helps build up your cat’s stamina and additionally, improve its overall health as it runs around in your house!

PetFusion Ambush Indoor Interactive Toy for Cats

Pet Fusion Ambush Interactive Toy

Have a hard time entertaining your cat with different cat toys? Well look no further because PetFusion brings your cat a unique simulating cat toy that captivates its attention by popping out a prey in a randomized order and thus, enhances its hunting capabilities! Moreover, the cat toy comes with LED so your cat can play with it at night as well!

Product features:

  • Randomized feather popping moreover, a fast paced feel
  • LED lighting for day and night time
  • Anti-skid feet to keep toy in place on smooth surfaces
  • Batteries included
  • 12 months warranty

This is one of the best cat toys for your indoor cat in order to keep her active and fit throughout the day. Moreover, the randomized pattern keeps your cat guessing from where the feather would pop out next so it won’t get bored with the same pattern. Furthermore, cat’s curiosity would be satisfied by jumping around and playing with this toy and trying to catch the feather right between its claws!

Felix & Fido Playdot! Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats

Felix Playdot self-entertaining cat toys

When talking about toys that are self-entertaining to an indoor cat, how can we forget about the mighty laser beam and a cat’s total fascination with it? In order to satisfy your cat’s curious nature and help it catch the laser dot, Felix and Fido have created the Playdot just for that!

Product features:

  • Sleek design and super light weight
  • 4 different play modes
  • Battery operated toy
  • Preferable to put on flat surface
  • Multiple angles to point the beam

While this may be categorized under cat toys for indoor cats, there’s also a handheld mode for you to play with your furry friend and increase your bonding outdoors as well. Moreover, it is a great toy to get your cat to exercise as it chases after the red dot in hopes on catching it one day!

MyfatBOSS Cat Play Mat, Cat Tent Toys for Indoor Cats

cat tent for self-entertainment

If you thought tents for only for camping, think again! This cat play tent is one of many self-entertaining toys for your indoor cat which comes with four different hanging toys to keep your pet active and happy when you’re not home.

Product features:

  • Interactive design
  • Comes with four hanging toys of plush material
  • Safe plastic arch and round edges to keep your cat safe
  • Durable quality with double-faced velvet
  • Easy to store

The cat tent is a multi-purpose cat toy that can be used as a cat bed, cat pad and for cat toys. Moreover, the toys increase the curiosity of the cat and keep it entertained for a long period without having to go outdoors. Not only that, it also provides a great resting spot when your little furball is tired from all the playing! The tent is also space friendly and can be easily folded and stored away when not in use.

YOFUN Entertaining Cat Toy 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball for Indoor Cats

Yofun cat self-entertaining toys

Keep your cat entertained by this self-rotating ball as it tries to catch it! The main purpose of this ball is to make your cat chase it around your house by producing a red beam so, your cat doesn’t get bored when its home alone. Additionally, what better way to keep your cat healthy than by letting it chase after a toy it would love!

Product features:

  • 360 degree self-rotation design
  • Automatic direction change
  • Battery operated cat toy therefore comes with three pairs of battery
  • Provides exercise for your cat at home
  • Comes in white and pink colored balls

The self-balancing design of the ball makes sure it does not collide with any furniture or obstacle that comes in its way therefore, it automatically changes its direction. Your cat would no longer be bored of sitting around in your house while you’re away. So ,this ball provides great exercise for your cat and is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats out there. Simply turn it on and off when your cat is done playing with the toy.

CO-Z Collapsible Cat Tunnel Tube

CO-z Cat tunnel toy for Indoor Cats

If you have multiple indoor cats and want them all to get along with each other, then out of may cat toys, the cat tunnel is an ideal self-entertaining cat toy for you to buy! An entertainment platform for your furry friends, therefore, the cat tunnel comes with different toys and openings so your cats can play hide and seek in the same room!

Product features:

  • Made of tear-resistant polyester around a sprung steel frame as well as protective ends to keep your cat safe
  • Easy to store
  • Effective for exercise
  • Money back guarantee

Therefore, the cat tunnel is a great way to encourage your cats to get exercise and play around without having to worry about them shredding the tunnel in pieces! However, some cats may easily get bored with scratching posts and balls so the cat tunnel provides a greater interactive experience for your cats and keeps them self-entertained throughout the day! Furthermore, it is also a great way for all your cats to bond with each other and get up to some mischief when you’re not around!

Easyology Roller Cat Toy for Indoor Cats

Easyology roller cat toy for indoor entertainment

Easyology bring you great self-entertaining cat toys which provide fun and exercise for your indoor cat at the same time. Moreover, the three different levels of the tower keep your cat entertained as it tries to catch all the colorful balls. This toy is even more fun if you own more than one cat and see your different furry pets compete to catch the ball!

Product features:

  • Safe toy for kittens
  • Durable and strong structure in order to withstand the roughest of plays
  • Ball-spinning action to keep your cat entertained
  • No battery required
  • 30 days full refund

Therefore, fascinating and mesmerizing rattle of the balls keeps the cat entertained and engaged with the toy for long hours without getting bored. This is a great toy to keep your little one occupied while its home alone. This toy is also safe for little kittens and is made of environmentally friendly material.

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Real Birds Touch Down Interactive Cat Toy

Bird Cat toys for indoor cats

Give your cat a taste of the wild with the real bird interactive self-entertaining cat toy. The toy is designed with a real bird’s voice so your cat gets the thrill as if it was catching a real bird in action!

Product features:

  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Electronic module with real bird sounds
  • Catnip filled toy
  • Long lasting battery
  • Contains feathers

Therefore, this toy is perfect for your cat if it likes to sneak and scare away birds. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about leaving your cat outdoors, bring the bird to your cat right inside your house with OurPets cat toys! Furthermore, not only does it satisfy your cat’s hunting needs, but also provides great physical exercise so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting lazy at home!

PetEzy Cat Kicker Toy for Indoor Cats

Cat kicker toy for indoor cats

Give your cat all the catnip it needs with PetEzy’s cat toys for indoor cats. Not only will your cat love playing and trying to rip it to shreds, it would also love the catnip that’s induced in the toy to give your cat a taste of pure cat bliss!

Product features:

  • Made from polyester and fiber cotton
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Includes catnip
  • Different painted designs in order to attract your cat

As your cats would love playing with this kicker toy and in turn, they would become more active and agile! It comes in many bright colors and designs so pick the name which is the right choice for your cat. Moreover, we know how cats are the best shredders and keeping that in mind, the toy comes with spare parts so your cat can play with it for a long time!

EcoCity Cat Toys – Feather Cat Teaser for Indoor Cats

Cat teaser toy

Pique up your cat’s interest with this feather teaser cat toy that is one of the many entertaining toys for indoor cats designed by EcoCity! Thus, now you can keep your cat active and healthy by this cat wand toy which it would surely love to catch! Moreover, the wand comes with different hanging objects so your cat does not get bored of them anytime soon.

Product features:

  • Made from safe as well as eco-friendly material
  • Includes a 38 inches fully extendable wand
  • Comes with four replacements
  • Higher elasticity and resistance so it doesn’t get damaged with cat’s claws easily
  • Perfect gift for any cat lover

Therefore, this toy may be one of the best on a budget and to keep your cat entertained without you having to worry about them all the time. In addition, the hanging objects can also be played by cats on their own, without the wand and this makes it a two in one kind of deal!Thus, it also makes for a great gift for any cat lover out there!

Cat Amazing –Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

Interactive Treat maze cat Toys

Who said feeding your cats was a regular, old boring job and could not be fun? Cat Amazing brings you the treat maze and puzzle feeder for your cats that would keep them entertained as long as they try and get to their treats!

Product features:

  • Interactive puzzle feeder for cats
  • Encourages natural instincts
  • Works with your cat’s favorite treats, catnip and toys
  • Veterinarian recommended for exercise, slow-eating, weight loss and also meal management
  • Ideal for lazy cats to keep them preoccupied

You know your cat would love games if the reward was getting its favorite treats! Well you don’t have to worry about that, because with this puzzle feeder, your cat would cleverly get to its treats on its own as you look in marvel at its natural instincts! Therefore, the circling, springing and pouncing will satisfy your cat’s curiosity level and keep it happy for hours and as a result, it would get the treat that it deserves!

Petronics Mousr Interactive and Entertaining Robotic Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

robotic cat toy for indoor cats

We live in the age of technology so why not have smart cat toys for your cats? Therefore, Petronics brings your cat an interactive robotic cat toy that automatically adjusts to your cat’s personality and watch as your cat happily runs after it, in order to catch the mouse!

Product features:

  • Automatic play/smartphone controlled
  • 3 different automatic play strategies according to your cat’s personality
  • Custom high-quality gear box
  • Highly durable
  • Works on any surface
  • Replaceable tails
  • Great for keeping your cat active and agile
  • Wireless range of up to 10 meters

Therefore the robot cat toy is one of the smartest toys for indoor cats out there. Moreover, with a navigation sensor, it explores its surroundings to avoid colliding with obstacles as it moves around. Furthermore, it also has an in-built cat proximity sensor to know when your cat is coming close and wake up the mouse. Additionally, it also features an orientation sensor when the mouse is being held or upside down so it can either play dead or struggle to get out! Last but not the least, the best part is you can control it easily with your smartphone and have the time of your life as your cat chases after it! Or simply put it on automatic mode when you’re not home so your cat can easily be self-entertained!

Go Pet Club – Cat Tree Furniture – Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cat Furniture Toy for indoor cats

Keep your cat feeling like the king of the jungle with this massive indoor cat tree! Therefore, the cat tree is an amazing choice to keep your cat active and fit as it climbs up and down, exploring places and catching things.

Product features:

  • Product dimensions are: 38 inch width, 27 inch length and 62 inch height
  • Made with quality boards that are durable and strong
  • Covered in high quality faux fur which provides a safe structure
  • Comes with multiple posts that are lined with natural sisal rope in order to help with your cat’s scratching habits
  • Comes in different colors of beige, black, blue and brown

The cat tree is a great recreation and rest spot for your little furry friend and also a great platform for different cat activities to keep them entertained and active throughout the day! Therefore, the tree is great for entertaining your indoor cat with different cat toys. Moreover, with different levels and pedestals, your cat would feel all mighty as it looks down upon you from that height!

AikoPets Cat Arch Self Groomer Massager

cat scratcher toys

AikoPets arch self-groomer massager is a three in one cat groomer toy for your furry babies! However, it can be used as a self-groomer, massager, cat groom brush as well as a scratcher. Furthermore, the best part; it is also a great self-entertaining toy for your cat to keep it busy for hours! Additionally, it is ideal for preventing hairballs around your house and on furniture as the bristle gently brushes away the fragile hair.

Product features:

  • Perfect for cats of all ages
  • Easy to carry and saves space
  • 3 in 1 cat groomer toy
  • Durable bristles for massaging cat while removing excess shedding hair
  • Anti-skid pads
  • Designed with a scratch pad and catnip to keep your cat healthy

The self-groomer toy not only takes away the excess cat hair, but also provides a scratching post of your cat so it can easily sharpen its claws and stay healthy! Moreover, it also includes a cat toy and catnip to satisfy your cat’s needs. While it may be categorized under a cat toy, it is a great accessory to help you get rid of your cat’s excess hair without having to brush it yourself all the time! Therefore, thanks to this groomer toy, it does the job for you!

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

Digger toys

Last but not least, we have the digger for cats that is a great product to stimulate your cat’s pawing behavior and help it dig around for tricks and treats! Moreover, the toy features multiple tubes which can be filled with your cat’s favorite treats and watch as how it goes around digging for the treats! Therefore, it not only makes your cat’s pawing stronger and more efficient but also is a great entertaining cat toy.

Product features:

  • Features multiple tubes to use with treats
  • Compatible with other Catit Senses 2.0 products
  • Rounded end tubes which are easy to disassemble and clean
  • Stable base with sloped surface to prevent spillage
  • Ideal for enhancing your cat’s pawing ability

The Catit Senses Digger is a great treat activity center that keeps your cat busy with searching for treats by playfully digging for its food. Moreover, the tubes come in multiple sizes and length so your kitty can smell and paw out the treats at its own pace! This cat toy helps your cat explore its full potential and stimulates its senses so it can enjoy and live a healthy life!

How can cat toys help indoor cats?

How do cat toys help

We have listed a few reasons why you should consider buying toys for your indoor cat and will help you to buy the best cat toys for indoor cats.

Reduces boredom and stress

When you have nothing to do, don’t you feel like you’re going to go out of your mind? It is the same for your pets! They no longer need to hunt or run away from predators, so what can they do? Thus, if you don’t provide them with any forms of amusement, they will likely sleep the hours away day after day. Moreover, it can also affect their disposition negatively. Therefore, it is important to give them something to do to reduce both physical and mental impairments.

Builds muscle tone

Like humans, felines will greatly benefit from regular exercise. This will ensure that they have ample muscle tone in order to reach higher altitudes, build immunity to certain conditions, and prevent accidents of any form!

Reduces behavioral issues

While humans might have successfully domesticated felines thousands of years ago, they still have natural instincts that are deeply embedded in their DNA. Like their bigger cousins, they will have the urge to scratch and bite. If you don’t provide them with the best toys these impulses, they will likely turn to whatever is available to them. That means furniture and clothing! Unless you wish to have scratches on your tables and tears on your draperies, it is imperative to give them the best cat toys.

Types of toys for indoor cats

Types of toys for indoor

Now that you understand why it is important to give your pets something to do, let’s look at the best cat toys for indoor cats available in the market. This is important before you head out to the physical or online market. Not only will it save you a lot of time and effort, it will also allow you to look for something that will be perfect for your feline friend!

Ball toys

We know that house pets are generally attracted to balls. Rolling a ball across the floor is highly similar to the scampering movement made by prey animals. This then triggers your pet’s predator tendencies and they will run after the ball! For an added bonus, why not insert treats into the ball so that they will be rewarded for playing? These are the best cat toys for lazy cats if you want to try to stimulate them.

Wand toys

A wand toy is basically just a stick that has a string or ribbon attached to it. Feel free to wave, circle, and flutter it around for your pet! The secret here is that it looks and behaves similarly to insects or other smaller prey animals. There is usually something attached to the end of the plastic, wire, or wood for maximum entertainment. What’s so great about this product is that you will not risk getting scratched by your pet.

Food dispensing toys

There are plenty of people who allow their pets full freedom to access food whenever they want. These kinds of toys are particularly popular with busy pet parents. Food-dispensing products often require the pet to work in some way to get the treats. This is great for their mind and it also satisfies their hunting instincts. However, there is a downside to these products: it might lead to obesity for cats with self-control problems!

Factors to consider

Being aware of the following will help you choose the perfect item to take home to your pet.

Factors to consider


This is a key factor when choosing the toy. Inspect your pet or better yet, consider a veterinarian! Assess if your kitty is overweight, normal, or underweight. This will determine the amount and kind of exercise that your pet requires. In turn, the knowledge you obtain from the evaluation will let you know the kind of toy you should buy.


Similarly, you need to know how old your pet is. Kittens will likely have more energy than their older counterparts! Take this into account so that they will not have to redirect the excess energy elsewhere if the toy does not satisfy them. They will usually require accessories or products that involve more action. Older pets, meanwhile, might have a difficult time using any kind of toy that requires a high level of energy.


Let’s face it— our pets are like humans in the sense that they have their own set of quirks and behavioral patterns. This is more applicable for older ones, but this will also be useful if you are observant with your kitten. Doing so will ensure that you find something that they will not get easily bored with. Buying cat toys for smart cats is a different endeavor from purchasing the best cat toys for bored cats.

Amount of space

Aside from the characteristics and qualities of your pet, don’t forget to consider the space! You might have found a toy that you are certain your feline friend will like. However, it will basically be useless if you can’t set it up due to spacial constraints!


If only we had the luxury to purchase anything we want, regardless of how much it could possibly cost!

Sadly, that’s not the case – for most of us, it is important to consider the price tag on the product before we buy it. While we may love our feline friends very much, it is important to stick to a budget you set before going out shopping. It is not true that more expensive products are necessarily better quality. With thorough research, you should be able to find a great product that is within your desired price range. Don’t think too much about it— you don’t actually need to have a technical checklist for this. As long as you have a rough idea of the product you want, you should be good to go shopping for a gift for your feline friend.

Other conditions

Sometimes, pets are born with natural impairments that limit the use of their senses. Occasionally, such disabilities are borne out of accidents and even fights with other ones. You need to be able to address such issues so that they can have a good time using the toy. For example, if you have a partially blind kitty, it would be better to get a toy in a bright color.


It can be challenging to keep your cat happy and content when you’re not always around to play with them or pamper them to your heart’s content! Keeping this in mind, we have listed the top 15 cat toys for indoor cats to help you choose the right one for your little furry friend. While some cats may be easily self-entertained, there are others who need more attention or a very intriguing cat toy to satisfy their curiosity and keep them happy when you’re not around! So keeping in view your budget, select the one which you think is the right choice for your pet and they would thank you afterwards for all the love and care!
Hope this article was helpful! If you have any questions and queries, feel free to contact us.

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FAQs about Cat Toys

Why are cat toys important?

Cat toys are important to keep your cat active, healthy and not bored. It helps take out their stress and keep them entertained!

Do cat toys help a cat’s aggression?

Yes they do. The toys help take out their stress and then they don’t go around their natural instincts of biting and scratching every other thing they see.