What are the Three Most Technologically Advanced Vaporizers

In the recent years, the number of vape admirers has been constantly rising. There is an increasing number of people who decide to give up smoking and join the vaping community. As in every market, the rise of customers led to the bigger demand of the product and therefore to the rise of popularity of the vaporizers and companies producing them. Currently, there are countless manufacturers that compete with each other on creating the best king of vaporizer – whether it’s regarding design or functionality. In this article, we spoke to Vape Elevate to find out what are the three most technologically advanced vaporizers.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 was released at the end of 2016, yet despite this the vaporizer is still extremely popular and considered one of the pricier vapes available on the current market. Why?

The Pax 3 is not only a vape – it’s a fashion accessory. Its body is made out of anodized aluminium and doesn’t have any protruding parts. Moreover, both the airflow and oven are made of stainless steel which is a second material (after glass) that provides the best flavour when smoking cannabis. There is even more to this product – The Pax 3 has a great battery that doubles the power of its predecessor Pax 2.

The vape has a useful and intuitive app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. You can connect the vape to your phone through Bluetooth and completely control your vaping experience. Not only it provides you with the option of precisely controlling the temperature but also gives you a Smart Modes menu which allows you to choose the way of vaping your cannabis:

  1. Stealth – minimizes the smell of weed
  2. Efficiency – makes the cannabis last longer
  3. Flavour – prioritizes taste over the clouds
  4. Boost – for quick but intense sessions

Firefly 2 Plus

Firefly 2 Plus is an improved version of Firefly 2 released in 2016. This vape has an on-demand heating which is a big advantage compared to its competitors. With most vaporizers you need to wait until they heat up, whereas Firefly 2 Plus allows you to vape in less than 3 seconds. Moreover, the oven in most vapes stays active between the hits which often leads to wastage. In this product, thanks to on-demand heating, the wastage is minimised.

Firefly 2 Plus vape uses only convention heating, which may be a bit pricey, but guarantees superior taste. Again, thanks to advanced heating technology, the herbs don’t combust which means every hit tastes smoothly and wonderful. What is more, this type of oven doesn’t produce much smell. This vape also offers efficient, replaceable batteries that get charged within 50 minutes and allow you up to 8 sessions when fully charged.

This device also wins the hearts of concentrate admirers as the Firefly 2 Plus handles concentrates very well – probably the best when compared to other multi-purpose vaporizers.

DaVinci IQ2

The manufacturers of DaVinci once again have released a great product into the vape market. The newest DaVinci model combines top-class performance with techy innovations and presents further upgrades to previous devices.

DaVinci IQ2 is a pretty straightforward device to use – which makes it suitable for both beginners and pro users. The vape offers two modes: Smart Path and Precision. The first one is a pre-set temperature mode which causes temperature to slowly raise (20-degree increments) throughout the whole vape session. The second mode can be switched on when the Smart Path is already in use. This allows you to heat up the device to a desired temperature.

This vape offers its fans fully customisable vaping sessions that you can tailor through a phone app. Thanks to this technology, the user can control the temperature and check a real-time tracking of sessions. You can also find help on the app and the instructions of usage.

There is another advantage to DaVinci IQ2 – this device has an air dial that allows you to completely control your sessions. The vape offers 5 different settings to get either thick and warm or thin and cool vapour. It’s also a first dry herb vape that has a dosing feature, which allows you to control the amount of THC and CBD that you sip.


The amount of vapes available on the market can certainly be a bit overwhelming, especially for someone who is just beginning their vaping journey. In our opinion the Pax 3, Firefly 2 Plus and DaVinci IQ2 are certainly three of the most technologically advanced vaporizers available. They all offer their users a tailored experience, are easy to use and guarantee smooth and amazing flavour. These vapes are without doubt worth their price and deserve to be named a top-class.