Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners – Professional And Effective

Sports lead to a well balanced mental and physical growth, tones up muscles and strengthen bones. In the same way, in order to lead a healthy life, we must keep ourselves active. Sports help us a lot in that matter. This article here is for the tennis freaks! If you are a beginner, you know that choosing the right racquet is not an easy task. That is why you will find this article very helpful as it is all about best tennis racquet for beginners. Keeping in mind that using professional tennis racquets which you’ve seen your favorite athletes use might not be a good choice. So, here in this article, we present some good beginner racquet recommendations!

In case you are in a hurry, here is the list of all the tennis racquets for beginners reviewed in this article

ProductsEditor's ReviewPrice on Amazon
Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racquet
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racquet
Wilson Federer Team 105 Tennis Racquet
HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet
Wilson Ultra 25 Junior Tennis Racquet Strung
Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet For Beginners
Head Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet
HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racquet
HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet
Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet
HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme Tennis Racquet
Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racquet


There are many things to keep in mind while choosing for the best racquet. So, you don’t need to hurry, keep calm and take a look at this list of the best tennis racquet for beginners.

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racquet

Best Tennis Racquet for beginners Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung

Introducing super popular racket in the original Tour Slam. First of all, with its large 112 square inch head, the Tour Slam provides a nice margin of error, ensuring that power and comfort remain high when contact is less than perfect. Second of all, the extra length (27.5”) means that you’ll be able to attack the ball with extra momentum, a fact that bodes well for those who want to hit with more power and spin. The racket comes with Stop Shock pads, which enables the string bed to soak up additional vibration and transfer more power to your shot. All in all, this racquet tennis Wilson has the perfect head size, weight and balance.

Product features

  • Strung Balance 3 points Head Light
  • Power Strings increase power
  • Stop Shock Pads reduce racquet vibration for greater control
  • Volcanic Frame Technology provides power and stability
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Synthetic

The tennis racquet review is very good because of its oversize head size which makes it easier for the beginners to play. In the same way, it is very encouraging for a beginner player. On the other hand, the weight this head tennis racquet has is a little bit heavier than the recommended racquet for a beginner. Because with such weight, your wrists might feel discomfort so, you won’t be able to play for a longer time! However, the strings are strong enough and don’t break easily. So, if you’re someone who can handle the weight then you should go for this one!

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racquet

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

The Hyper Hammer 5.3 seems to offer an ideal blend of power, control, and maneuverability. The best part is that at 27.5 inches, it provides a little more leverage and reach than a standard length racket, without impeding reaction to balls hit close to the body. It is one of the most popular selling Hyper Carbon models. Although light and maneuverable with a slight head heavy balance, the 5.3 Oversize is not as top-heavy as most other Hammer models. Moreover, best suited to 4.0-5.0 level players with medium-full to full swings, the Hammer 5.3 Stretch racquet offers a nice combination of tempered power with control-oriented features.

Product features

  • Open string pattern for more power and spin
  • Over-sized head provides more power and margin for error
  • Head heavy balance
  • Increased stability and momentum in lighter frames
  • Power frame for players with short, compact swings

The buyers were quite happy with this tennis racquets Wilson for beginners because of its strong grip which helps a beginner a lot and encourages the player. Moreover, the buyers found it very light weight for use which is an important factor while playing tennis especially for a beginner. Furthermore, its head size is quite big which helps to play strong shots. On the other hand, the strings on this head tennis racquet are not strong enough. So, it might cause a problem for you. Otherwise, this tennis racquet for beginners really lifts up your game!

Wilson Federer Team 105 Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet for Beginners Wilson Federer Team 105

Wilson Federer Team 105 Tennis Racquet is the best tennis racquet for beginners because it offers phenomenal level of playability to beginners and intermediate level players. Federer Team 105 is a solid 1 piece graphite racquet which makes it good for beginner and intermediate players. Moreover, the strung balance is 3 points headlight. This Wilson tennis racquet has a very light weight for a better experience of beginners. The light weight feature enhances the ability of the beginner players. The additional vibration provides more power to your shot. This beginner tennis racquet is just perfect for you if you’re looking for an all rounder racquet. All in all, this tennis racquet has all that you need. The perfect weight, head size and length. So, go and get your tennis racquet Wilson right now!

Product features

  • Balance (strung): 3 Points Head Light
  • Solid 1-piece graphite racquet
  • Headsize: 105 square inches / 677 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.5 cm
  • Weight (unstrung): 9.6 oz / 273 grams

The buyers find this tennis racquet amazing because of its quality. The strings on this racquet are very strong so, the durability of this tennis racquet Wilson will not disappoint you. In most of this tennis racquet review, the buyers were satisfied with this strong racquet which is perfectly suitable for junior players. However, some of the reviewers stated that the racquet broke down very quickly because it got bent. But this racquet is one of the best racquet for beginners.

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet Strung

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet Strung Review

This racquet has Micro Gel, a revolutionary silicone based material, with the lowest density of any solid known on the planet. This racquet has a massive head size which is 98 square inches. Moreover, the racquet contains a beam of about 21 mm. The wight of the racquet is just perfect for the beginners and will definitely bring up the game. It has a length of 27 inch which helps the player to move the racquet in different directions. Additionally, the head micro gel helps in distributing the the impact load around the frame to provide rock-solid feel. This is one of the top rated tennis racquets available.

Product features

  • Massive head size
  • Impact distributing properties
  • Light weight for better performance
  • Unique string pattern
  • Rock-solid feel and unique touch
  • 21mm beam
  • Standard length

This tennis racquet review has a lot of 5 star ratings because of its light weight. Also, it has a lot better power than most of the racquets out there. Moreover, the strings of this racquet hold up too which is a quite relief because you won’t have to get them changed every few weeks. It looks like this racquet really pays off! However, some of the buyers did not have a good experience with this racquet because of its grip. This might have a poor quality grip. It is totally up to you now because if you’re someone whose grip is good at racquets then this one won’t be a problem for you.

Wilson Ultra 25 Junior Tennis Racquet Strung

Wilson Ultra 25 Junior Tennis Racquet for Beginners

The Wilson Ultra 25″ Inch pre-strung Black/Blue/White Junior Tennis Racquet is an excellent junior performance racket. Moreover, with new power technologies added that will overwhelm opponents with its precision shot making. The Wilson Ultra 25″ Inch pre-strung Black/Blue/White Junior Tennis Racquet is simply a 2” inches shorter frame geared towards juniors. However, not quite ready to wield an adult sized racket. Furthermore, it has the same performance-based, lightweight graphite frame that reduces unwanted vibration while increasing feel. Additionally, Power Rib with Integrated Crush Zone Technology features an enhanced geometry for more explosive power. It also features a 100 square inch head, a low-density, spin-inducing string pattern at 16×19, comes strung at 8.3 ounces, and at 4 points head light, makes this stick a spin generating machine.

Product features

  • Head Size 100 sq inches
  • Complimentary stringing
  • Graphite composition
  • Perfect performance junior racquet
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces unwanted vibration while increasing feel.
  • High quality

This tennis racquet Wilson is the best tennis racquet for beginners because it has the best tennis racquet reviews till now. It serves the best quality and is durable so you won’t have to go for shopping for another tennis racquet for a long time. Moreover, this racquet serves exactly what is described in the product description! All in all, this tennis racquet Wilson is all you need if you’re someone who has just started playing tennis because this tennis racquet right here is worth the money!

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

This babolat tennis racquet has been built for strong intermediate and advanced players with latest pure aero drive. This tennis racquet provides all the comfort you need because if you’re not comfortable while playing, it reduces your winning chances. Moreover, it helps you with high control and high spin. Additionally, it has been strung with the best quality strings so they won’t come off easily. As a result, this racquet will stay with you for a long time! Also, it is very light weight for an easy control over the racquet. The more control you have on your racquet, the better you will be able to play. So, now you know that this racquet has all you need. Don’t wait anymore and buy it!

Product features

  • Pure Aero
  • For strong intermediate and advanced players
  • Comfortable
  • High control and high spin
  • All court racquet
  • Durable
  • Top quality string

This tennis racquet review has a lot to say about amazing spin this babolat tennis racquet provides. You will notice that your shots have become super powerful and have a lot of spin if used with proper technique. Also, the flexibility of this racquet is amazing and allows you to serve faster. Its design also helps you to move your wrists in different directions with ease. Moreover, this racquet has larger sweet spot and more open swing pattern which helps in accurate hits! But some of the buyers have questioned its durability because they had to get it restrung after using it for few months.

Head Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet

Head Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racket

The Head Graphene XT Radical S Pink offers ideal maneuverability to go with easy playability. Its more generous sieve makes it a racquet that offers more power than the Radical MP while having the comfort of a larger hitting area for more forgiveness in the game. Moreover, increasing beginners or intermediate level players wanting more Weapon of choice to continue their evolution in tennis should try this Radical S! It remains incredibly manoeuvrable and offers a good level of control and stability during baseline strikes, but also on the fly. Furthermore, its wider sieve makes access to speed and effects quite easy, including service. In summary, a very good choice for a wide range of players.

Product features

  • Head Size: 102 sq. in
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • Balance: 13in 
  • Strung Weight: 10.4oz
  • Length: 27in

The buyers were extremely happy with their purchase because this racquet really offers what it is meant to. The buyers have used this racquet for quite a time and have been really happy with the results. The strings have been strung really strongly which gives a really powerful shot. This racquet helps you get better at your game. Moreover, the light weight of this racquet really makes a difference in your game. So, if you’re new and confused about buying a racquet which won’t go heavy on your budget then this is the one for you!

HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racquet

This head tennis racquet has Plasma coated titanium technology (PCT) for extraordinary power and touch. Moreover, graphite composite construction for added control and spin. An oversized HEAD for controlled power at moderate to full swing speed, and contour cushion for maximum comfort with the perfect grip. This is one of the best tennis racquet for beginners that you’ll ever get your hands on! It offers the perfect blend of power and touch for the recreational player. Furthermore, it offers the best balance which helps you to grow as a player. Completed by truly unique see-through carbon fibers in the head, the racquet looks as beautiful as it performs.

Product features

  • Head size, over-sized
  • Weight 10.4 oz
  • Balance is .75 in. Hl with a 23 mm beam
  • Length is extra long, 27.5 in
  • String pattern is 16/19

The buyers were happy with the product because this head tennis racquet is very light in weight which helps to maintain the balance and improve your performance. Moreover, this racquet is efficient and sturdy and everything you ever want in your racquet. The tennis racquet review is quite good because of its excellent performance! Any flaws in this racquet have not been stated till now which means this is one of the best tennis racquet for beginners. If you’ve been looking for a racquet which ticks all the boxes on your checklist,then you’ll be happy to know that this is the one!

HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet

HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet For Beginners

A straight beam, head heavy widebody, this ultra-light (8.9oz.) titanium model has more power than the Ti S5 but more control than the now discontinued Ti S7. Moreover, a lively frame with excellent torsional stability. Furthermore, the Head Titanium Ti S6 will perform best in the hands of players with compact to medium stroke styles seeking an extra large sweetspot (115 head size) that blends a nice balance of power tempered with an open string pattern; ideal for spin artists with an all court game. This racquet contains a combination of titanium and graphite. The titanium creates a light racquet with strength and the graphite composite gives the racquet great feel and durability. Also, warranty from factory is one year on frame.

Product features

  • The head size of the racquet is 115 square inches
  • The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm
  • The string pattern of the racquet is 16×19
  • The racquet strung weight is 8.9oz / 252 grams
  • The racquet is extra long in length at 27 3/4″

First of all, this head tennis racquet attracts most of the buyers because it is reasonably priced. However, this racquet is geared towards beginner players and is designed more for women or younger players who need help in generating extra power in their swing. Also, the strings with which this racquet came equipped are a fairly low quality string. On the other hand, the sweet spot is large and the racquet is lighter than most other tennis racquets and it provides balance towards the head. All in all, this racquet is potentially good!

Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet for beginners Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive)

Babolat Boost Drive tennis racquet is the perfect frame for beginners and junior players moving up to their first full-size frame. With its ultra maneuverable weight, the Boost Drive delivers very easy access to pace and spin. Moreover, the generous 105 square inch head provides a nice margin of error, ensuring that power and comfort remain high when contact is less than perfect. To further increase comfort and power Babolat adds its time-tested woofer grommet system to this racquet. The firm and aerodynamic beam provides this powerful stick with crisp precision, giving it impressive accuracy on full swings.Furthermore, graphite racquet’s lightweight properties allow for easy maneuverability and a quick swing speed. At a standard 27 inch length, the Boost D is also perfect for young players seeking their first full-sized racquet.

Product features

  • Full featured maneuverable
  • Oversize racquet for intermediate players
  • Babolat comfort from Woofer Grommet system in modern carbon fibre frame
  • 105 head, 9.8 ounce strung, 27 inch long, 3 head heavy, 16×19 pattern
  • Strung with Babolat SpiralTex synthetic gut
  • Cover holds one racquet

This babolat tennis racquet serves quite well and has satisfied its buyers with incredible light weight and a larger head. It offers a pretty balanced performance. However, this racquet might not last too long. Except for its durability, this racquet offers what it is supposed to. Moreover, it provides good grip so you can move your wrist in different direction which really helps in improving your game. The headsize is large so it makes it way easier for a beginner and also encourages the player. If you’re someone who can take a risk on the durability then go for it!

HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme Tennis Racquet For Beginners

HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme Tennis Racquet

Recreational and Beginner Players looking for an affordable frame packed with elements to enhance their developing game will love the HEAD Ti.Instinct Supreme tennis racquet. If you want a little more power in your game, try the Ti. Instinct Supreme. The Nano Titanium Technology provides added power and stability on each shot and the super over-sized head gives extra power and a larger sweetspot. Moreover, the Ti. Instinct Supreme is an o-beam racquet for more durability and comfort. Show off your tennis prowess with Head Instinct Supreme Tennis Racquet. Born out of revolutionizing how we ski and play tennis, HEAD has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. For all levels of play, HEAD offers nothing but the best tennis racquet for beginners on the market.

Product features

  • Head performance
  • Great for beginners
  • Headlight advantage
  • Durable titanium
  • Frame Weight: 275 g / 9.7 oz, Head Size : 109in, Grip Size: 4.25in, Length: 27in.

This tennis racquet has made its buyers happy with super quality. It is uniquely designed which makes it look good in your hand. Moreover, it has an amazing grip and the string design doesn’t disappoint you also. Its light weight makes it even more appealing because any racquet that weighs light helps to improve your game. Especially, a light weight and a balanced racquet is all that a beginner needs. All in all, this racquet right here might be able to give all you need in your racquet at such a good price. This one is worth it!

Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet For Beginners Babolat Boost Strike

Babolat Boost Strike tennis racquet is the ideal frame for beginners and junior players moving up to their first full-size frame. Packed with power, precision and spin, the Boost Strike is one of the better values in Babolat’s racquet line. At 10.4 ounces (strung) this racquet is light enough for beginners and rising juniors. Moreover, with its explosive acceleration and grippy 16×19 string pattern, the Boost Strike will give you very easy access to spin. The 102 square inch head is not only forgiving and lively, but it also feels wonderfully crisp and precise on full swings. It moves into position quickly and provides a comfortably firm platform for blocking the ball into the open court. The speedy feel is also an asset on serves, where this stick explodes through contact to offer plenty of pop and easy targeting. 

Product features

  • Babolats Boost Strike tennis racquet is the ideal frame for beginners 
  • This racquet is pre-strung with Babolat’s Spiraltek 16 
  • Babolat’s recommended tension of 53 lbs
  • All court racquet
  • Durable
  • Top quality string

With this babolat tennis racquet the hits feel very nice and natural. You don’t need to put a lot of power into it. It can create lots of topspin. The buyers say that it is a big pleasure using this racquet. You can clearly improve the accuracy of your shots using this racquet. This racquet is pretty light and the design is quite stylish and sturdy! The balance and the precision of this racquet is unbelievable. This racquet is totally recommended for any beginner player. It is worth the money!

How long should you spend testing a racquet?

How long should you spend testing a racquet?

It can be very easy to pick up a new bat different to your usual racquet of choice and disregard it completely because you can’t hit the same forehand or can’t quite get that same kick on your second serve. However, this is no reason to write that racquet off. You might just find that after playing with it for longer, it is actually a better racquet for your game than your current one. 

It is important to focus on how the racquet feels. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, then you’re unlikely to ever overcome that. But if everything feels good with the racquet and you’re just not quite getting the spin you want to generate, give it a bit of time. If it feels good and fits well with your type of play, you might find that with a different string or a slight tweak here and there, you’re able to find that spin, or even improve upon the spin you found with your old racquet. 

So, in a nutshell, there are a lot of racquets you can try which feel pretty nice, but there is something that doesn’t quite sit well. Give it time, change the strings and experiment a little, you might find this is the racquet for you! 

What matters more strings or the racquet itself?

This is a matter of much debate in the tennis world. The racquet slightly outweighs the importance of the string because the strings don’t change the feel of swing. But don’t underestimate the importance of the strings; if you were to play with my perfect racquet but string it loosely with natural gut, You’re not going to make many balls in the court and are going to struggle to win the match. 

It is the balance that is important. Some people say the racquet doesn’t matter too much. Their argument is that all modern racquets on the market have similar technology. In the hands of a good player, it makes just a small difference to the overall standard of play. However, racquets can make a big difference. Not that a racquet can make a bad player into a good player but that a poor choice of racquet for someone’s style can be of great detriment to their play. Equally, a poor choice of strings can be catastrophic for someone’s play if they do not suit the style and level of that player.  

In conclusion, whether the racquet or the tennis strings is more important is irrelevant. What’s vital is you pick a balance that fits your style of play and feels comfortable for you. To do this, you need to be knowledgeable about your style of play and your tactics in a match; what style the racquet is made for and what style the strings are geared towards. 


This guide and review lists the best tennis racquet for beginners. If you’re thinking about starting playing tennis but hesitating just because you don’t know what kind of racquet you should buy or which is the best one for a beginner then here you go, you have this guide to assist you with it. I hope this guide helped you!

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How to choose the right racquet head size?

The tennis racquet head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racquet frame. A larger (oversize or super oversize) head size lets you generate more power and will have a larger sweet spot i.e the area on the strings where you get the maximum response from the racquet. These more forgiving tennis racquets are generally more suited to beginners. However, more experienced players and professional tennis players with greater power, precision and skill will usually opt for racquets with a smaller head size i.e midplus or midsize.

What are the UK equivalents for the grip size?

Tennis racket grip sizes/measurements available are shown below. The grip sizes convert from US sizes to UK sizes as follows with size 1 being the smallest and grip size 5 being the largest:
4 1/8 = 1
4 1/4″ = 2
4 3/8 = 3
4 1/2″ = 4
4 5/8 = 5
Most juniors using full size tennis racquets choose grip size 1 or 2, most women go for grip sizes 2 or 3 and most men go for grip sizes 3 or 4

How to get the right Racket Weight Distribution?

If you are a less experienced player you should probably go for a power tennis racquet or head heavy racquet as it is likely that you have a shorter swing and less strength. Your swing alone may not generate enough power so a power racquet can help to improve your game. More experienced players will tend to choose control racquets which are head light or have the weight more evenly distributed through the racquet. As these racquets have more weight in the handle they can absorb more shock than a lighter racquet and therefore appeal to players who already generate a lot of power by themselves.