Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a 4 Burner Stove at Home

While choosing a gas stove for the home, 4 burner gas stoves are the champions in the category because they can cook four different items at the same time. 4 burner stoves also come with attractive designs with the toughened glass on the top and stainless steel body. This glass is heat resistant and strong enough to handle any physical damage. Since it is glass on the surface, it is very easy to clean by not putting in any effort. if there are any liquid spills accidentally. If the kitchen has got a long counter, then a 4 burner stove is the best choice to make because of its size and weight.

Factors to be Considered While Buying a Gas Stove

There are a few of the factors to be considered before purchasing the best 4 burner gas stove are burners and body material, warranty, burner distance, size, etc. So choosing the best 4 burner gas stove in India is difficult. To know what all factors to be considered, Read More!

Burners Distance

Burner distance is nothing but the distance between 2 burners on the same stove surface. In a 4 burner gas stove, it is very important to select a stove that has a proper distance between burners. So that all 4 burners can be used at the same time. If the burner distance is short, then the usage of the vessels on the burners should be small in size which isn’t suitable for bulk cooking.

Brass Burner or Aluminum Burner

Burner material type is essential. One should consider this aspect primarily because this can use the gas efficiently. Brass and aluminum, both the burners have a durable nature, quality, and production. Nozzle size and gas distribution play a key role in its performance.

Brass burner

Brass is made up of combining zinc and copper which looks like gold. Brass can withstand at any temperature indoors and outdoors. Brass can also control the heat quite well and distribute evenly. Though brass burners are expensive compared to aluminum burners, because of their durability, corrosion resistance, they enhance the taste of the food.

Aluminum burner

It is traditionally and most widely used in Indian kitchens for the years. Aluminum is less corrosion resistant and has a lesser lifespan compared to brass. People say brass burners are safer to use than aluminum burners.

Size of the stove

Stoves come in various sizes and shapes. One should select a stove according to the size of the kitchen and the kitchen counter. Since it is a big kitchen appliance, there shouldn’t be any size problems. 4 burner stoves can be a rectangular or square shape.

Stove Material

Stoves in earlier times used to come in different materials like brass, aluminum, cast iron, etc. But now most of the stoves come in glossy toughened glass surfaces which makes it easy to clean whenever liquid spills on them. It also helps in keeping the stove scratch less.

Shape and Design

In earlier, stove models were only made up of aluminum bodies, two burners that look traditional and simple. But changing trends, stoves have upgraded to toughened glass, various heating options, number of burners, etc. Designs are so elegant and modern compared to earlier traditional stoves. One can select a stove with a wide range of designs and shapes from the market.

ISI Certification

ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute. The products which pass the quality test and meet the standards of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) will be certified by ISI. A product from kitchen appliances to bikes, cars, etc is certified by ISI. It is very important to choose a product that is ISI certified. Since the stove deals with highly flammable gas, it is crucial to consider ISI certified stove because ISI-certified stoves meet certain standards and are safe to use.

Price and Warranty 

Even if someone likes a product very much and meets his/her expectations in every aspect of the price is out of the range. Then it is no use. So, firstly look at the price of a product and then go for the features comparison. Most of the Indians look for cash backs, offers, and discounts. But looking for a warranty is a smarter move. Most of the higher price products get the best features and are more durable which can work efficiently. Sometimes increasing the budget limit according to the features is also a smarter move to do. Some manufacturers attract customers with a long warranty on the product. If there is no warranty mentioned on any product, it is the customer’s responsibility to ask the store manager and confirm the warranty.
For more info, refer to this best 4 burner gas stove in india review which looks into the depts of factors that should be considered before purchasing a 4 burner stove.

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FAQs about 4 burner gas stove

Is gas stove safe?

Yes they are. Unless you have asthma. Or you are using a very old gas burner. They typically release Carbon Monoxide which is toxic.

How many burners are required?

That depends on your needs. Typically there are 2, 3 and 4 burner stoves.