Interesting Facts about Laptop Coolers that You Didn’t Know

As we know all of us have gone through the problem where our gaming laptops overheat. So, we need to take some measures to keep our laptops cool else, it could intensely damage the laptop. Out of many ways to keep your laptops cool, using a cooling pad is one of them. Now, the question is, if these cooling pads really work and do they really help, do they really improve your gaming laptop’s performance or is it just a waste of money?

You don’t have to worry because this article will help you with all the information you need regarding a cooling pad for your gaming laptops!

How do cooling pads work for gaming laptops?

So, the basic function of a cooling pad is to reduce the temperature of your laptop while you are using it. The cooling pads are used when the laptops are not able to cool themselves sufficiently. It doesn’t only cool the laptop but also makes a better experience for the user and protects from the discomfort.

A laptop initially consists a cooling fan but you might need to use an extra cooling pad if the built-in fans are not enough to keep the laptop temperature moderate.

Using a cooling pad is quite easy because you just have to place it under your laptop and connect the wire in one of your USB’s ports. That’s all you have to do for it to work, quite easy isn’t it?

Do cooling pads really work?

Do cooling pads really work
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You have quite a number of advantages if you use a cooling pad and we are sure that it is one of the best and simple ways to bring down your laptop’s temperature. Prolonged heat exposure and component overheating can damage a computer’s components over time, whereas extreme overheating can actually break the system. So, you really need to be vigilant about your gaming laptop’s temperature.

Some of the advantages of using a cooling pad for your gaming laptops are mentioned below:

Faster CPU and GPU performance

As we know that CPU and GPU are the biggest heat producing components of a laptop. They produce enough heat that if they are not provided with sufficient cooling, they could break themselves. So sometimes, the internal fan cooling is not enough to bring their temperature down and we need an extra accessory to make sure it doesn’t end up damaging the laptop.

Ideal resting place for gaming laptops

Using your laptops in your bed or placing a pillow under your laptop is extremely harmful. And we know that we need a hard and a flat surface for our laptop which a cooling pad provides. A cooling pad provides proper air flow for your laptop. If you’re using a cooling pad for your gaming laptop, you can put it on a fabric surface without worrying about over heating.

Provides a comfortable experience

When using a cooling pad for your laptop, it makes the experience more comforting and isn’t harmful for the person or even the laptop. Even though it is named after ‘lap’, laps aren’t the ideal place to use your laptop because it covers up the vents which result in laptop over heating. Therefore, a heated up laptop becomes very uncomfortable to be used on a lap. All in all, with a cooling pad, you don’t have to worry about these uncomfortable situations.

Lower ambient temperature

External temperatures affect a laptop’s temperature a lot so you have to keep that in mind as well. But as the cooling pads don’ get affected from the temperature conditions and don’t require any modifications. A cooling pad uses fans to either blow cooler air against the laptop. Also, pushes warmer air away from the laptop to lower the ambient temperature.

What causes gaming laptops to over heat without cooling pads?

What causes gaming laptops to over heat

Some of the causes include:

  • Poor location of your gaming laptop. For example putting your laptop outside in scorching heat would cause it to heat up.
  • Poor ventilation, like vents being covered up would heat up gaming laptops.
  • When dust builds up in the vents it is quite problematic.
  • Malfunctioning or insufficient cooling is also one of the reasons. All laptops come equipped with a cooling system but that might not be enough sometimes.


All the facts mentioned above lead us to believe that cooling pads for gaming laptops actually work. Many gaming laptop users use it as they have a lot of advantages. It seems that they provide all the functions and actually really help. They give you an extremely comfortable experience. Laptop cooler fans reduce the device’s operating temperature which both limits heat exposure to the hardware. Therefore, makes the device itself more comfortable to use. All in all, if you are someone going through this problem then you shouldn’t think twice before buying a cooling pad for your gaming laptop!

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FAQs about Laptop Coolers

What price range can I get a good laptop cooler in?

You can usually get a good laptop cooler in 40 to 70 USD range

Is it worth spending money on a laptop cooler?

It is definitely. While there are other ways present to help cool down your laptop, this is definitely an effective one. Moreover, if you’re spending money on one with an adjustable support that you can set while lying in bed even, it’s a plus too.