Difference between Gaming Laptops and Regular Laptops

If you are new to computing area and don’t really know much about gaming laptops, then you might be wondering what makes them different from a regular laptop. Even though a regular laptop and a gaming laptop have a many things in common still they have a lot of other things that differ. Laptops are widely labeled into gaming, regular and business laptops.

There are many questions regarding these laptops. Such as are gaming laptops made just for gaming? So, does that mean that you need a regular laptop as well if you want to use your laptop for other purposes.

Don’t worry if you have all those questions in mind. Because this is why we are here. This article will help you to distinguish between a regular laptop and a gaming laptop!

Differences between laptops and gaming laptops

Excessive performance capabilities

A gaming laptop has all the features that a regular laptop has. But, we know that it needs some modifications for the purpose of gaming. So, it has excessive performance capabilities which an ordinary laptop does not have. These capabilities help bear all the necessary performance requirements while gaming and not slow down. The difference in these capabilities are described next.

Higher graphics

All of us know that higher graphics are required for gaming purposes for a better experience. So, a gaming laptop has better graphic cards as compared to a regular laptop. Few laptops include two photos playing cards that further decorate the gaming experience. Of course, even the most high-end graphics chip is useless if you don’t have the processing muscle to handle it. That’s why most gamers look for laptops with the latest processors  

Screen size and display

With the arrival of new technology, gaming laptops require a better screen display experience. However, the wide screen layout that most of the laptops provide is not much of help. Because the games these days are designed to fit your screen size. However, it depends on your choice if you like to play games on a bigger screen then this is a plus point.

RAM size difference between laptops and gaming laptops

The RAM size of a gaming laptop is usually larger. More RAM will ensure the better function of your laptop. As gaming laptops are high processing laptops and require more RAM because they have more features as compared to a regular laptop. However, it is as important for everyday laptop as it is for a gaming laptop but still its significance is a little more extra for a gaming laptop.

High velocity processors

The most crucial factor that a gaming laptop has in comparison to a regular laptop is that it must have higher CPU velocity. This factor is of much importance because if it is not taken into consideration then the higher quality games would start to crash. You don’t want your laptop to freeze all of a sudden when you’re are playing or doing any other thing.

Battery life

Difference in battery timing of gaming laptop and regular laptop

Gaming laptops have a lesser battery life as compared to a regular laptops. This is because they have high power consuming processors which result in a less battery life. So, you should keep this aspect in your mind buying a gaming laptop because you might need to charge it several times.


Gaming laptops usually are heavier than regular laptops. So, before you buy a gaming laptop , you should keep in mind that it may not be as easy to travel with as it is with the other laptops. The weight difference is not a lot. But still, if you are someone who travels a lot with their laptop it might start to annoy you!

Pricing difference between laptops and gaming laptops

Pricing difference between laptops and gaming laptops

Of course there is a price difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop. We know that a gaming laptop has more features as compared to a regular laptop as mentioned above. So, definitely it is going to have higher prices too! Normal laptops are available in a wide range of prices. Whereas, the gaming laptops may seem a bit more expensive. But a gaming laptop has double lifespan because it is able to keep up with the new technology coming out. This is in addition to the time and upgrading it saves you.

Once you have decided to buy a gaming laptop, the next question question is that what features should you be looking for in a gaming laptop?

Key features of gaming laptops

When buying a gaming laptop, these are some of the most important factors that you need to keep in your mind:

  • Graphics
  • 3D
  • Aspect ratio
  • Display lag
  • Viewing angle
  • Hard drive
  • RAM


With the facts mentioned above it will be easier for you to decide between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop even if you had no idea about laptops. If you buy a gaming laptop today, it is not going to be outdated as quickly as regular laptops But you need to keep in mind that it entirely depends on you and your usage. A gaming laptop definitely has more features than a regular one but don’t forget that you need to analyse your needs before you make your choice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you go for a gaming laptop or a Desktop?

Both have their pros and cons. Desktops are generally better in terms of both price and performance. However, you might want a gaming laptop because you want to carry it with you wherever you go.

Why is my gaming laptop heating?

Could be due to a number of factors. Might be that your vents are blocked. Your laptop might need servicing. It could also be due to the environment your laptop is being used in.

How can I tackle the heating problem of my gaming laptop?

Use a laptop cooling pad. Make sure you get your laptop serviced at least once a year. Clean any blocked vents.