Wilson Federer Pro Staff Tennis Racquet – All You Need To Know

There are some essential pieces of tools you need to begin a tennis match; a ball, the right shoes, a net. But that one tool that most affects the performance of a tennis player is their racquet. If you want to become good at anything, you have to start with the right tools and get your basics right. If you’re new at tennis, you might be confused about what kind of a racquet you should buy. Therefore, it is important to play with a proper racquet when you are just in the learning phase. Even experts sometimes get confused with the huge selection of tennis racquets available. It is not easy to keep track of the situation. For many tennis players the search for a suitable racquet is therefore too time consuming. Wilson Federer Pro Staff Tennis Racquet is also one of the top rated racquets.

To make your search for the perfect racquet easier, we have given a detailed review about Wilson Federer Pro Staff Tennis Racquet. This way, you can see for yourself all the features of this racquet and compare it to others and then make a purchase. Basically, the tennis racquet is the most important item of the player on the court. That’s why we have given you this review to help you find the right racquet in no time.

Things to consider before buying a racquet

1. Head Size

The head size truly affects the control of a racquet and the speed of the ball during the stroke.

2. Beam Width

The beam width is the key figure for the height or thickness of the racquet frame. Here you can choose between a thin or a thick frame. 

3. Grip Size

In order to give you the best playing comfort, the grip must be adjusted to your own hand size.

4. Weight

Racquet weight is a very important factor in choosing the right tennis racquet. Weight affects both speed and comfort as well as the performance of the racquet.

5. Stiffness

Just like the frame height, the frame stiffness has an impact on power and control. Having control over your game boosts your confidence.

Wilson Federer Tennis Pro Staff Racquet

The Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet is the type of model that would work for new players, although we would not call it a basic beginner’s racquet. It features quite a few things that you won’t find in a basic model usually recommended to the people new to game. It provides much more control and comfort than the most beginner’s racquets, giving a better experience in every aspect of the game.

The Wilson Federer Pro Staff Precision XL 110 packs a lively red punch of game improvement aspects for people who play tennis for fun. This frame carries plenty of power with some gap for error on strokes that miss the center of the string bed. Its aluminum form gives a durable feel, and its extra length gives players more time to make a play on the next ball with broad court. The sharp design and accurate performance is inspired by the Pro Staff performance series of tennis racquets endorsed by Roger Federer. 

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet Bag

The Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Bag is a low cost, yet well made way of carrying up to 2 tennis racquets in the court with you. The bag is made of a strong material and weighs 13 ounces, so it won’t be too heavy to carry. It fits both shorter junior frames, as well as standard adult racquet frames. The neutral colors will be useful to boys, girls, men, and women alike.

Product features

  • Great, non slippery grip
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Light weight
  • Features shock pads
  • Features moisture wicking technology
  • Comes with a bag

Pros of Wilson Federer Pro Staff Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Federer is very close to a professionally styled tennis racquet. Thanks to its technology, materials, and details, it offers quality, a balance of control and power, as well as comfort. Purchasing a racquet from Wilson is always a safe bet. The brand has an excellent standing, and the Wilson Federer racquet has lots of positive reviews that show it’s no exception.

The Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet is so lightweight, if a person has an injury or is new to game, they can easily start with this racquet. Plus, its moisture wicking technology is ideal for anyone who often has sweaty hands. The technology keeps your palms cool and dry during the entire time you’re holding the racquet. It’s especially useful in the summer time for the obvious reasons. The price and positive reviews are the major selling points. Overall, it provides a good game play whether you just play it in your free time or training to be a professional tennis player.

Cons of Wilson Federer Pro Staff Tennis Racquet

We haven’t come across many bad things about the Wilson Federer. Most of the time, players say that the racquet serves well when they have just started playing or are at intermediate level, but once they improve their game to a more professional level, they have to drop it. Simply, it’s not made for long hour training, which is the only reason why you would have to replace it once you become a more serious player. So, there is only one issue that you might come across, that is it is not that long lasting. Also, most people don’t like the fact that it comes in only three colors. However, this isn’t that big of a problem!


Overall, the Wilson Federer gives you the best balance of control and power you can find in a beginner to an intermediate racquet. Its frame and strings materials make a powerful, strong and durable racquet that’s definitely worth your attention.

If you’re looking to upgrade your game skills to an upper level, the Wilson Federer is a good choice to start. However, professional players may not enjoy it as much. But given that it’s not a professional but recreational racquet, it’s no surprise. If you are new to the game or are an intermediate tennis player, you will be pleased with the performance the Wilson Federer delivers. 

So, if you are new or play tennis just for entertainment purposes and are not looking at it as a profession, then you are perfectly fine with this one!

FAQs About Wilson Federer Pro Staff Tennis Racquet

How heavy is this racket?

The racket weighs about 11.5 oz (326 g)

What are some of the other rackets you recommend?

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