How To Buy The Right Mattress: Tips And Ideas & Limited Time Products!

Doctors recommend at least 7 hours of sleep every day. The average person, however, sleeps for a clean 8 hours every day, which translates to 2,688 hours in a year. With that many hours on your bed, it probably the wisest idea to invest in just the right bed/mattress. The quality of mattress you have, and how much comfort you get from it determines how your health will be many years to come. Getting enough and quality sleep helps keep you sharp and healthy.

Do You Really Need A New Mattress?

Here are a few tips to help you answer this question.

1.         Do you wake up feeling relaxed or with an aching and stiff body?

2.         Does your mattress sag a lot or has lumps?

3.         Is your night’s sleep worse than it was a few years ago?

4.         Is the mattress more than 7 years old?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you then need to invest in a new mattress. According to chiropractors and mattress manufacturers, you should consider replacing your mattress after every 8 years. This, of course, depends on the material quality and usage of the same.

Which is the Best Mattress for Me?

Proper knowledge of your mattress is critical to finding the best one for your body type and sleeping needs. There are however two types of mattresses to choose from: there are memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses are the most common in the market. They are characterized by sheets of foam and padding covering on metal springs. These mattresses are considerably affordable and usually last around 8 years.

Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, is more comfortable and provides even better body support. These mattresses are made of high-density foams hence more expensive.  You however need to be careful when shopping for a memory foam mattress. They aren’t all made the same.

Consider The 3 “S” When Choosing Your Mattress

These are size, softness, and support. The mattress you choose to go for should have these attributes.


A soft mattress will keep your body comfortable all night long.  A soft mattress eliminates pressure points, thus helping you relax even better.


The mattress needs to provide support for your body shape, weight, and especially, your back. While the mattress should be soft, your body should float on it to provide the support needed for a good night’s sleep. These are two of the most important factors that should work in harmony in mattresses.


Always go for the right-sized mattress. According to research, the average person moves at least 40 times while asleep. These movements include 10 full-body movements. That said, you need to choose a mattress that will allow just that.  Some of the factors to consider when determining the size of your mattress include room size if you will be sharing the bed with a partner, comfort preferences, lifestyle, budget, and body size. The bed should also be long (at least 4 inches) and wide enough to accommodate both you and your partner.

What Is the Appropriate Budget for A Mattress?

The price of a mattress generally depends on the materials used and its size. Nonetheless, it is advisable to go for the best quality and comfortable budget you can afford. Search city mattress reviews to find the perfect match for you. Investing in the right mattress will help you sleep well, as well as wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With the mattress already in place, consider recycling the current mattress you have. There are a number of recyclers around Canada and the US that can help you dispose of the mattress safely.


What is a mattress warranty?

Well, if your mattress has any manufacturing defects, most companies offer mattress warranty to protect your purchase. You can claim it in that case and get refund.

What are average lifespans of different types of mattresses?

Latex lasts the longest, about 15 years on average. Whereas foam upto 10 years and inner spring types last 7-8 years.

Should you ask for some trial when you purchase a mattress?

Yes you should. In fact, many companies do offer a trial sleep period. Where till a certain period, you don’t like a mattress, you can return it for a refund.