Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine – Become a pro at Tennis Guaranteed!

If you’re a tennis player then you are definitely trying to improve your game. But for that to happen, you need to get your basics right and practice more. However, when it comes to practice, there’s not always a partner to practice with. So, a spinshot tennis ball machine could come to your aid. Of course, to become a serious gamer, you would need professional coaching. But you have to always put some extra effort to become the best. Having a tennis ball machine could actually improve your accuracy and power. But to achieve that, all you need is repetitive practice for which a tennis ball machine would be really helpful.

It can be confusing to decide which tennis ball machine you should put your money on to get the best outcome. Especially when there are so many options out there. But you don’t have to worry because here is a complete review of one of the best spinshot tennis ball machine. This detailed review would help you understand all the features and pros and cons of this machine. So, you can be clear headed about all the doubts while purchasing.

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine Features

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

Revolutionary design

Spinshot player tennis ball machine is one of the best tennis ball machines to improve your game. It is one of the best seller tennis ball machines of all time. The revolutionary design means you can customize your drills to program height, direction, spin, speed. There are each of 6 sequential shots and then save these into your personalized drills. Moreover, the spinshot tennis ball machine comes with 12 pre-programmed drills which give you a full variety of shots. You can adjust each of these drills to suit your own playing level or create your own drills. A free phone remote App is provided for easy programming and control. An optional remote watch can also be used to control the machine.

Easy to store and portable

The square shape and extendable hopper make the machine easy to transfer and store. If you want to store and fit it in any car’s trunk, you can easily fold the ball hopper down. The metal design will always make your machine shine on the court. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about taking it to the tennis court and you won’t have an excuse not to practice.

Remote control

Another thing that makes this tennis ball machine unique and easy to work with is its remote. You can control it through front panel. Just press the D button to trigger the favorite drills. All drills can be pre-programmed for quick use. Moreover, the Spinshot Player model is the first ball machine to provide a free Phone Remote App. It supports an Android Phone or an iPhone and with default pre-set drills. Last but not the least, you can even be connect it to your watch. One Button Watch Remote makes it easy to control the machine. A short click on the button selects the drill number equivalent to the number of clicks. A long press stops or starts the machine.

Product features

  • Spinshot tennis ball machine is very portable
  • You can easily drill any type of program on the tennis ball machine
  • Only tennis ball machine not made of plastics
  • Free phone app provided to program speed, spin, height, angle and feed rate to make your favorite drill
  • Only tennis ball machine with patented de-Jam design
  • Flexible power options available
  • The purchase also includes battery

Pros of Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

This machine mostly has good reviews because it is a solid machine with a strong built.

Spinshot tennis ball machine never jams which is pretty good for your practice hours. Therefore, you can have a smooth session and won’t get interrupted while playing or practicing. Furthermore, it is foldable so, most of its buyers were pretty happy with it as you can take it anywhere with you. Its portability is one of the best features. Another plus point is that this tennis ball machine is way more affordable than other machines offering same features. according to some buyers, this tennis ball machine can be even more reliable than your actual tennis partners. According to the reviews this machine got, it works for a long time, so, you only have to invest once for good and can enjoy it for a long time. Also, the battery is very easy to replace as compared to other tennis ball machines.

All in all, if you’re thinking about buying this machines then you should because it is not going to disappoint you.

Cons of Spinshot Tennis ball Machine

Where there are pros of a product, there are also some cons to it. This machine’s cons include battery drainage. The battery of this machines drains a bit faster because it requires wifi connectivity. Another thing that might bother you bit is are its small wheels. As, the wheels are small, it takes a bit effort to move the machine over a bumpy field. Also, it is not very easy to master but you get easier after using it twice or thrice. If these things are not a big problem for you then you should definitely go for it as it serves the purpose very well.


Tennis ball machines are a great way to improve your game at consistency. They not only help you with consistency but also improve your game at playing different shots because you can choose what type of shots you want to focus on. Spinshot tennis ball machine is one of the best machines out there with great reviews. Most of the machines are not offering as many features as Spinshot does in this range of money. So, if you were confused between different machines, this detailed review will help you out decide.

If possible, it is highly recommended players rent or borrow a ball machine before making a purchase. Not only will it help you get a feel for what to expect, but it will also help increase your confidence in the value it brings and subsequently spending the money to make a purchase.

FAQs about Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

Is the battery included?

Yes, you don’t have to buy it separately as the battery is included in the purchase.

What type of Tennis balls are to be used in this machine?

Pressure less Tennis balls are recommended as they are more consistent in their bounce and last longer.

Can the battery be charged outside the machine?

Yes, it can be. You will have to use external battery extension kits

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