Amazing Wedding Stationery You Don’t Want to Miss Out on

A wedding is a very special occasion in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives and make it as unique as possible. It is astounding how people make their day special for them with the smallest of the things. These days people customize every little thing according to their needs and wishes. You can’t leave out planning for the perfect wedding stationery when planning for a perfect wedding!

The first thing that you decide in a wedding ceremony is wedding invitation card. The purpose of the wedding cards is to give a glimpse to what is to come in the future. This will allow the guests to have an idea on the theme and colors of the wedding. There is a wide range of invitation card templates that you can choose from. They include cute little wedding cards, elegant and classy ones, themed cards and even custom guest books. Nowadays, there are so many designers out there who design and personalize your wedding cards for you.


Cards come in many different shapes, styles and looks. Below is a list of some trendy wedding cards that you can choose for your occasion or just take the idea and personalize it in your own way.

Watercolor Design

If you want themed color cards and give a hand crafted look to your designs, you can always go for watercolor cards. Because they add a unique authenticity to your cards and make it look very personal. By choosing this design it will allow you to add a splash of color and vibrancy to overall wedding. You can either give it popping colors according to your themes or even light colors according to your needs. Here is a look of watercolor designs

watercolor design for wedding stationery

You can see how decent yet cute it looks. It allows your guests to have a sense of being special as no two cards will be the same. By using this style you will be able to customize the colors, fonts and how heavy the watercolors are. They have that minimalist look that allows you to highlight important sections of your card without killing the beauty of the card.  

Floral Design

Floral designs are the most famous wedding card designs. Everybody absolutely loves floral designs. If you have a wedding with lots of floral decoration or you love flowers then you should definitely add floral designs to your cards.

The floral designs look absolutely beautiful! Have you ever seen a single wedding where there were no flowers? I’d say the same about invitation cards because flowers bring that beautiful look to your cards. The floral cards give such a classy look to the cards. They are cards that are never out of trend and I bet you can never have enough of flowers. Even though these designs are widely used, couples mostly gravitate towards this concept as they give more of a graceful look and feeling.

Personalized Photo Design

If you’re one of the couples who want to personalize their wedding card to next level and add your cute memories to the card together, you can hire a designer and design your own card. This is such a cute idea for an invitation card. Here is an idea of how you can design your card

Best wedding stationery

This way of inviting people to your wedding feels like a very connecting way. Put your engagement photos to good use and add them in your wedding cards. If you want your day to be very personalized for you, you should definitely go for this idea.

Wooden Design

Another very unique invitation is a wooden card idea. It is one of very classy ways for an invitation card. This idea gives a very luxurious look to it. It is such a sophisticated and elegant look for a card. Also, golden typography adds glamour to it. Here’s a look of a wooden card

wooden design for wedding cards

This is such an elegant way to invite your friends and family to your wedding. This is for the bride and groom who want a more of a rustic feel to their wedding, with a hint of elegance. This card is mostly based around the use of natural elements.

Other Ideas for your Wedding Stationery

It’s not just the cards in your wedding, it is how you present them. The wedding invitation is the first glimpse for your guests and gives them an idea about your wedding theme. So, you should delight them with a couple of unexpected elements.

You can give your invitation cards trendy packaging and even add little favors to them as well. Wedding stationery doesn’t just include wedding invitation cards. It also includes rsvp cards, table plans, menus and place-cards. These little things help set the tone of the wedding. So, you should choose them wisely and see if everything compliments each other.

Some other things to consider are

  • Be my bridesmaid cards
  • RSVP cards
  • Name holders
  • Seating plan
  • Welcome poster
  • Centre pieces


People think that only wedding invitation cards are a part of wedding stationery even when there’s so much more you can add to your wedding to make it unique and personalized.

The start of preparation of every wedding is deciding about the wedding stationery. So, when we talk about wedding stationery we mostly talk about invitation cards. You should make sure to incorporate the perfect colors and themes to your wedding.

Overall the feel of a wedding card is unique to every single couple and each one is different to the next. It depends on you on what you are looking for as you have seen above these are just a few of the world’s current trends as there is a lot more out there. Having wedding cards are essential to have as it is what the guests will mostly remember even after the occasion has ended. It is advised not to rush on selecting a card as it can be a long and tedious process to finalize your idea, so don’t settle and the outcome will be extra rewarding when all of it is complete.

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FAQs about Wedding Stationary

How long does custom invitation process takes if you order it from someone?

It may take upto 4-6 weeks. So you better start the preparations accordingly

Should I include children’s names in the wedding card?

Yes, if they are invited.

DIY or not?

Depends. It can be fun in my opinion. If time factor is not the issue for you, I say go for it 🙂